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  1. Meditation infographic

    Become the person In your mind.
  2. Theory: proof of chi is in the electrical pulses of the brain

    I apologize In confusing you "Big Brain" people. I was simply speaking from a Qigong perspective. Everyone has their own and It doesn't make It wrong or any less scientific to try and figure things out on your own with whatever vocabulary you have. Maybe Its safe to say Its universal energy. Maybe Its god. Maybe its incomprehencable. What matters Is putting time Into understanding and learning about it. Rather It's gaining knowlege scientifically or meditating under a waterfall. I'm not much one for mystical mumbo jumbo, but the mystery Is what makes It magical and I don't want to have that cut out from the experience and maybe that's why It can't be classified as one thing of certain magnitude, because it's a creative energy and defining It by one word, form, or definition Is never going to justify Its meaning or purpose. It doesn't help anyone to use the knowlege from science to look like an arrogant @$$.
  3. Theory: proof of chi is in the electrical pulses of the brain

    Here are just a few of my thoughts that I noted one day after meditating: Chi = bioelectricmagnetism. It seems that chi is electricity produced by the brain or crown chakra and the chakras or dantians are the magnets that extension of the mind. Also known as energy body. This is electromagnetism. Bio is cells and living tissue. The spirit is electricity when thinking of mind, body and spirit. Also I see how having a controlled and calm mind matters as it is what links everything together and guides energy, or spirit, to the organs, or chakras. Seeing as with out you are dead. This was before I started to profoundly understand Qi, Jing and Shen, which I am probably just at the surface. I noticed as far as energy work that Qi Its self feels cool, like wind, to me and perinium breathing adds Jing which makes It hot and rumbles. Perhaps the shen, or spirit, Is the electricty that pumps into where you are focusing with your mind, which Is like a magnet.
  4. What are you listening to?

    When I feel like singing It's, the the Deftones or Minus.Driver. When I feel like moving or working out It's, Deathcore or Dubstep. When I want to listen to something relaxing to meditate to Its, Buddha and Bonsai by Oliver Shanti or tradition japanese music. I like to have options!
  5. Hello! I am not one who Is much into greetings, but here I am! Rock me like a hurricane. I've been practicing qigong for 2 years now ever since I've seen, John Chang, just like a lot of other people! lol. I had a spiritual awakening and have been into energy work, martial arts and meditation ever since. All day, everyday. Everything I have learned Is from online seeing as how I live In a small pennsylvania town in a valley. There's no martial arts masters around here. Trust me. So, during a lot of my "qigong" "neikung" how to or technique searches I find myself here and have found a lot of useful information. I'm basicly a monk who loves technology, Perfect mix of east and west. I don't connect to a lot of people but tt doesn't mean I don't desire to, so I decided to join this online community seeing as I am passionate about the interests. I am not affiliated with any religion, but I have become highly spiritaul and get a lot my morals from eastern philosophy. If anything, I am taoist. I love mind, body, spiritual training, harmonizing with nature. I've learned a lot from Bruce Lee and Miyamoto Musashi, my greatest teachers. I've had type 1 diabetes for 21 years and have dealt with severe depression and psychelogical problems, but have changed my life since the awakening, meditation and the discipline of martial arts for the better and now I am on this train untill the end. I hope to meet a lot of great people with wisdom to share. Peace!