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  1. reading your blog oldchi, thanks
  2. Thank You chi dragon that makes sense. I was wondering if the physical practice of qigong can give benefit to more than the body. So the way you see it is that qi gong is like food it is needed for the body to generate energy to sustain its life and live better? But the spirit or light or whatever you may call by itself is not in need of qigong? interesting. This is getting strange but I would like to hear peoples opinion on this.. thanks chi dragon.
  3. I think Ya E Mu is going to send me his GoT qigong dvd today, yeah I am doing s-m from his book. I want to try GoT for more than a month before I attend his workshop. hahaha this is what astonishes me - if more and more people are realizing that we are more than flesh and we are indeed made of light and that it is a deep and intricate universe were light is what connects us, that time doesn't exists and that in a cosmic macro as well as micro light permeates all, then I imagine that more and more people would talk/write about the progression human into light. I am interested in this and all I have is this forum - and I am grateful for it. I find most people that might talk about this make assumptions but have't had first hand experience.
  4. I like the concept of aligning with the light, it definitely seems that this is the next level for me. I have noticed that being genuinly happy and appreciating of the light helps a lot with alignment. iam just trying to understand how qigong helps for that, but I will keep practicing. It astonishes me how little info you can find on these subject. P.s I do the mco because it makes it easier to activcate the dantian, once activated i stop it and do the stillness m. Maybe i am not doing sstillness mov. Correctly
  5. I am not sure... I once had something like and out of body experience and also 2 lucid dreams... did energy cultivation led you to a feeling of space?
  6. This might be a bit esoteric but I am going to go with it because it is on my mind. I have come back to the interest of vibrations and energy - I have been practicing micocosmic orbit qi gong & stillness movement qigong - and I am able to feel vibrations in my body - If I concentrate I can feel tingling sensations and warmth in certain spots like the dantian etc. My question is that this remains a bodily feeling the vibrations and warmth seem somehow attached to the body - But I am wondering as we gather more energy if we somehow surpass the vibrations and warmth in the body to another type of bodily experience or do we get closer to something else? I don't want to jump steps or anything like that but I am curious. it seems to me that there are different planes of "reality" and thus it makes sense that the deeper we go towards the "light" the less we feel or pay attention to the warmth and vibrations from gathering energy in our body? and more it is about taping into a bigger source- is this true? Has someone written about this>? a book or some info I can read on this? another way to interpret the question is how can qigong and other exercises be of some use to us when we die and are no longer attached to the body? Are these exercises strictly tied to our body? has someone written about this? Or about energy levels and how they feel, or how we can interpret them? thanks for the help.
  7. Everyone thank you for the great advice. This is a great community! Taking all the advice into consideration. I have decided to give the Gift of Tao a Try. For 3 reasons 1- Because Mr. Lomax reached out to me with his generosity and great offer, and his belief in his product is seductive. 2- His system seems to be what I am looking for : energy + vibration work. 3- Because I live in the U.S and being able to train with a master teacher without traveling to China is a great advantage. Thank you again. I will report here my progress after a month.
  8. Hi everyone, I love this forum but upon spending hours reading posts I am still confused. There are so many opinions that is hard to get precise knowledge. So I am throwing the dices here hoping to get some feedback. I started with mantak chia - Microcosmic orbit, iron shirt it felt good but For some reason I just stop doing it after I while. Now I want to come back to it and have been researching teachers. I Started practicing spring forest qigong from the free content in youtube. - It feels good, it reminds me of mantak chia orbit but a little different. What do you think is the difference between the two systems? I am also very interesting in Michael Lomax work - but I iam interested in it from what I have read here - since he doesn't have any free content. So I am torn between Buying more of Mantak Chias work, Spring Forest Qigong, or Michael lomax work. I like to feel vibrations in my body and energy associated with qigong. What do you think, what are the differences? Please help. I want to invest my money wisely
  9. Whats Up

    Hi everyone, Here to acquire some knowledge