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    Hi. I've come to TaoBums because there seems to be a wealth of either knowledge or knowledgeable people to absorb here, along with a little bit of a support group when I am knee/neck deep in potentially murky esoteric waters. I hope that is cool with all of you. So if anyone reads this, hit me up!! I really wanna have a good conversation and bone pick with someone preferably more experienced in semen retention than me. I've been on and off practicing for about 2 years now. Sometimes I feel like I have skipped too far ahead WITHOUT the guidance of a teacher. Quite often I feel "thats cool, as of yet I don't need a teacher." Sometimes it can be hard to follow your intuition without any doubts, and so I'm throwing out all possible lassos to see if anything will catch. All I have so far is people less experienced than me asking for my opinions on stuff!!!!! Which I'm happy to give lol but realistically I want some guidance myself. Not sure my opinions are really the best thing for someone to be listening to!! So I think right now, if anyone has an answer, my questions would be: Is it ok if after sustained periods of retention + circulation I can get quite violent nose bleeds? Any techniques for releasing a bit of prostate pressure/fluid that should inevitably build up? What to do when you just feel like watching some porn/seeing some titties? Go with the flow or exercise some discipline.. Is there ever a time when you are 'ready' for such practices? Also, do the processes involved in Chia's various Enlightenments of Kan & Li help in almost releasing/calming and refining the energy? Is there any chance I could learn this by myself from books?? Thank you so much in advance. J