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  1. Hello and help

    Hello Not void, Thanks for pointing out the mistake. In my anxiety to message clarity I sent the message to Clement. Sorry for the goofup. best wishes.
  2. Hello and help

    Hello Clement, How about helping me with your expertise in energy healing. It will be of great help. To recall my problem, I was diagnosed as suffering from rhumatoid arthritis at the age of 14 years and since then have tried various pain relieving medication which continues till date. Just imagine living 50 years on medicines. All my joints are affected, my upper back and lower back are affected and as a result mobility is very restricted. Running is a difficult job and so is walking. Doctor's say that it is due to degeneration of the bones? Kindly give your opinion which i hope will be useful. Best wishes,
  3. Hello and help

    Hello everyone, Greetings for the new year 2014. I have been reading some of the posts under energy healing and was amazed by the helpful attitude of some of the members like Adam who preferred to treat another member for his negativity. I have been learning Chinese energetics medicine as prescribed by Dr. Kam Yuen through books and videos prepared by Dr.Yuen. However I could not make much progress as I do not have the level 1 to level 3 manuals prepared by Yuen. This self learning is to get myself healed from the agony of suffering from all joint pains for the last 50 years. I also desire to help the under priviledged people suffering my various ailments. My problem is that I am not having much money to go on tours for attending classes /consultations with experts in the field for I am a retired person with limited resource of income that only meets my survival needs. I am in India. Any member who practices CEM and willing to help me get healed is welcome to do. I am not in a position to pay any fees. Any 2nd hand manual of Yuen if available will be accepted for a moderate price. Best wishes.