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  1. From Zero to Healer

    I heard of Mingtong Gu! He's doing sound healing, combining sound and qigong or something like that. Does anyone know how old is he? I can't tell if he's teen or 60 haha
  2. I'm the new guy here

    Heard about this guy. I will definitely try out his spring forest qigong levels.
  3. I'm the new guy here

    It would be awesome if I could get all benefits from it haha. Yeah my main goal is healing. If I have to choose one then healing.
  4. I'm the new guy here

    Thank you for that link, I will go through whole thread. Wow looks like you have a lot of experience! I heard of spring forest, would that one be good for beginner like me?
  5. From Zero to Healer

    Hey man how is your journey going,. Did you find out what path to take? We both have similar interest.
  6. Fraudulent teacher?

    Yeah fraudsters are big problem, most people think what we are doing is "bullshido" because of them. Who would you guys recommend for me to learn more Qigong from and who to avoid? Learn it online from courses or something like that, since in my country people don't even know about this.
  7. I'm the new guy here

    Hello Fa Xin and thank you. I am not really sure what style of qigong I do. I am doing exercises from course "Life force energy" by Chris Bale. It's a simple qigong daily practice. And I also do qigong exercises from "8 cycles" by Robert Peng. I guess I'll find out here how to expand my Qigong practice and from who to learn.
  8. I'm the new guy here

    Hello everyone, I'm new here. I made account here yesterday "Kinkou" but I just couldn't make topic, it wasn't selectable at all, tried on all browsers but no luck, so I made new account and now it works no problem, so please delete that account. I started doing Qigong 5 months ago and I'm doing it every single day since then. I'm here to learn more about it, I really enjoy it.