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  1. Hello everybody, I'm really enthusiastic about chi disciplines (nei kung, chi kung, yoga and so on); i wonder why there isn't yet a complete classification of these; i wonder why the heaven included the virgin mary through May Huang Chen dictate to the world that only the first two levels of mo pai are to be practiced!! the situation is absurd and not tolerable, the world NEEDS nei kung!! they make us obey with the excuse that a man at the 30 or 50 level of mo pai is dangerous... i say this is not the excuse to deprive us of mo pai!! i am not the type of man who travel a lot, but there must be someone like kosta or jim who do a research of all the types of nei kung and chi kung styles and study their characteristics, the good powers that give and do an enciclopedia about it, and websites with forums about every style. i hear voices, not uditive hallucinations but real voices and they told me that the fusion of east and west will happen and john chang dream to have mo paist in each country will become true, however they didm t tell me when it will happen. i think we should meditate to solve the problem
  2. nei kung - longmen pai

    Hello, i'm on this forum for one reason: i want to learn a system of nei kung and i'm searching for written documentation or an instructor able to teach me. initially i was keen on mo pai, but there are two bad things: levels are quite long (i heard that long men pai levels are easier to achieve) and shifu lin as far as i know can teach to western men only the first 2 levels. i'm now interested in long men psi but seminars cost not little and are held always far away from where i live, so i hope to find an advanced student capable of teaching it