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  1. Types of breathing

    Hi, does anybody know how to do the breathing from heels and turtle breathing? Any information is welcome.
  2. Types of breathing

    I have the first book, I got it yesterday, and for the 2nd I will look today. Thank You. That means that the breathing with heels is actualy sending the breath tho the lower dan tien?
  3. Types of breathing

    I don't have any experience with the embryonic and whole body breathing, but I heard that those 2 types are really special. So, I wanted to learn something about that.
  4. Types of breathing

    steve what is the difference between the embryonic breathing and turtle breathing? and what is crane breathing?
  5. Types of breathing

    Ok, thanks for the advices. Is it true that you don't need reverse and normal breathing after you start to train the turtle (embryonic) breathing? dawei, I have read that link before. It is really interesting. But thanks for the link. I'll look that site once again. Bearded Dragon, I was asking how to practice the heel breathing because I have read few times how to practice that and every time it was a different explanation.
  6. Hi, I'm wondering if somebody has some experience with chakra meditation? And is it true that the 72 levels of mo pai are just for opening all the chakras? I have read that one person succeeded to achieve level 72 without the real teachings of mo pai.
  7. Types of breathing

    I'm trying to find another method of breathing, but it's hard. I want to find the original type of breathing from the heels. I guess that You really have a lot of experience.
  8. Types of breathing

    I meant more linear. Like, You inhale, the breath goes first to the heels, and then you move it through to the brain etc. But you don't exhale until the breath didn't pass all the places in the body. I didn't mean that that is wrong, I meant that I think that there's another way to do it. But maybe I'm wrong. Where did You learn that type of breathing? You learned it from te Taoist Yoga book? I heard that all high level practitioners use breathing from the heels.
  9. Types of breathing

    Thank You a lot. I'm not sure is that the heel breathing that I'm searching for. How i heard, when you do the heel breathing, the breathe goes through the whole body. You don't take it first to the brain, then to the base of the penis, then exale and continue. But maybe I have misunderstood something. From where did You find that type of breathing?
  10. Chakra meditation and mo pai

    I think he didn't do that because he killed a lot of people, he just wanted to heal those people. I mean, if you would have those abilities, wouldn't you use them for healing people?
  11. Chakra meditation and mo pai

    Nobody wrote on the internet that he's level 72. It was an text about some older mo pai practitioners. Your chakras open when you fill them with energy. I have read somewhere that mo pai just opens all the chakras. And the only level that we know that fuses yin and yang energy is level 4.
  12. Chakra meditation and mo pai

    On a way it can be useful. So we can reach the same thing as people on level 72 in mo pai with other exercises
  13. Chakra meditation and mo pai

    Of course he won't. I have just said that i read that, not that it is true. That's why I asked this questions here.
  14. Hi, I'm looking for an type of meditation with that we can talk to spirit guides and the Divine. I want to find out how can we get informations through meditation (like advices that help us to progress in our meditation skills etc.).
  15. soaring crane thanks for the recommendation, I will look for that book. Seeker of the Tao thanks for the explanation. I have read stuff about that a year ago, and forgotten some important facts. I guess that deities can be both good and bad, depends about the deity. Bagua and Isimsiz I guess that you both were right.
  16. Chakra meditation and mo pai

    No it's not from Costas books. I have read that somewhere on the internet. I think that I found on this forum somewhere that a person succeeded to achieve level 72, without really training mo pai.
  17. Thank You but I have read that. Here's written that they can interact positively or negatively. Not just positively or negatively. That's why am I asking. Isimsiz says it will be a negative spirit, and You Bagua say it will be a positive spirit.
  18. This post is really great, but is this technique just for gathering yin or yang chi? or does it gather both of the energies?
  19. If it wouldn't be a problem, could somebody explain what deity means? I have read on the net about them, but Isimsiz, You say that they could be evil. And on the internet is written that they could be holy, divine or sacred. yabyum24 I read in one book that when a person is capable to stay focused on one object for 4 hours or longer, that he has achieved Shamatha. You say that there are more stages by vipassana. Do You know how many stages there are?
  20. Interesting. I read somewhere that when you're trying to open your chakras, and filling your body with chi (not only your dantien) there's a high possibility that an spirit could attack you. Shamatha isn't a meditation with that you can become a medium. It's more an meditation that gives you an very high meditative state. And that's 1 of the 2 meditations that you need to achieve an enlightenment. The second is Vipashyana. I don't know if that is true. I have read that in a book.
  21. I have read that post that You sent me about spiritism, but I haven't understand what a medium is. My english isn't the best. I thought that it means a human that's practicing an type of meditation, but I wasn't sure that's why I have asked You that question. I know that they aren't related, but isn't it possible to protect yourself from negative spirits through meditation? From what I have read, Shamatha is an Tibetan type of meditation, in what you practice your focus on an object. People say that you have achieved Shamatha if you can be focused on 1 object for 4 hours or longer. I have already written that I'm not interested in talking with dead spirits, but I have read that it's possible to do that after you open your third eye chakra
  22. And I guess that you all have misunderstood me. I guess that's my fault, because I didn't explain good enough what I'm searching for. I'm not trying to communicate to spirits that passed away, and I don't want to see what was I in my past life. I'm not sure how can I explain this. Let's say that I'm interested in how to get some informations from meditation. For example when you meditate about how to progress or how can you get more energy, and you get the answer through meditation.
  23. yabyum24 this is an interesting story. Have You ever seen that spirit again? Have You succeeded to go through the whole Shamatha practice? I mean can You stay focused on 1 object for 4 hours and longer? And could You explain me what Yidam means? Isimsiz I'm aware of that, but I think that the key for protect yourself from obsession and a better understanding is meditation. And I think that it's possible to gain that abilities with yin chi meditation. And could You please explain me what do You mean when You say medium? Seeker of Tao I have already read about Shamatha, so I know some things about that type of meditation. But thank You for the explanation. I will definitely look for that book. But how do You mean that the chakras get activated? I guess that you need an longer process to activate all the chakras in the body. If You have heard about Mo Pai then You sure know that they have 72 levels with that they are trying to activate all the chakras in the body, and rarely some people success to achieve level 72.
  24. Thank you all for your responses. I won't move this post then. I have tried to find a good teacher, but it's really hard. I don't know where to search anymore. I wanted to talk to a spirit guide or the Divine, because I have read on many forums, and heard from a lot of people that they became some informations from meditation. Like how to progress in one type of meditation, what will happen to them soon etc. First I wanted to train Mo Pai, but It's really hard to find a good teacher, that isn't a scam, and I found out that it's possible to achieve the same abilities like in Mo Pai from practicing another type of meditation. So now I want mostly to meditate on chakras. What types of meditation are you practicing?
  25. Thanks for the explanation Brian. I guess I should move this post then on the budhist sub-forum