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  1. Lu Zijian passed away in 2012 and probably didn't hit 118 yr old.
  2. Daoist Jia Dao Zhang

    Sure, but as you can see, we can't trust every information we collect from the web, and in this case, like in many, it remains to be seen what role energetic practices played in people's longevity. Genes, daily exercise and proper diet could have done the trick.
  3. Daoist Jia Dao Zhang

    Yes This part is perhaps a more difficult matter to check. Biography of respected people can often be idealizing for various reasons and purposes. Lu Zi Jian died last year. Here are two links. The first link will redirect you to a website that actually sells you things related to Lu Zi Jian, have a look and the biography and then compare with the one found on the second website (link 2) Link 1 The second one is from a blog. The blog post questions some claims about Lu Zi Jian age etc..Please note that the general tone of the blog post is very respectful towards Lu Zu Jian Link 2 So, what I am saying is that things are not as clear, plain and simple as our desires fancy them. And given that web is mainly a marketplace, it is often open bar in this regard. Agian, about this longevity topic, I would be very happy to have some statistical evidence that people who practice Qigong (or neidan or what people want to call this) live longer than people who exercise more than 30mn a day., and longer than people who do nothing.
  4. Daoist Jia Dao Zhang

    I see what you mean but what objective facts and evidences do we have about Lu Zi Jian?
  5. Daoist Jia Dao Zhang

    Well, sorry, this is beyond the scope of my understanding. I am out of my depth. I am trying to keep things as clear as possible for me. I am not qualified to talk about magic and my understanding of this word doesn't fit with alchemy. Besides, I don't know enough about Lu ZIjian and I am very suspicious about what can be found on the www.
  6. Zhan Zhuang: santi vs hunyuan

    baiqi, I forgot to say that santi shi is a very yang posture so that may explain why you have some trouble finding peace with it. How long do you stand in this posture?
  7. Zhan Zhuang: santi vs hunyuan

    Hey baiqi, In Master Lam Kam Chuen's book the way of power , he teaches santi shi ( he calls it "on guard") has a part of Da Cheng quan curriculum. Also, I know another qigong teacher, who is also a MD, who teaches santi shi for polyarthitis with some success. So although santi shi is usually taught in Xingyi, it can also be found in Da Cheng chuan and even used for some health conditions.
  8. Daoist Jia Dao Zhang

    Yes, that's what I am saying. Qigong/IMA are just one element among others. We go back to what western medicine tells us when it comes to disease prevention: diet, exercise, emotional well-being, meditation. But even when we have all these, there no guarantee. Qigong (or whatever technical term people want to use) is not the magic bullet. We are not totally in control. So indeed, beware of the money changers in the Temple !
  9. Daoist Jia Dao Zhang

    I didn't know that. But actually my question would be: If only qualified TCM doctors can teach qigong, do these TCM doctors hit 100 years old in good shape? If we don't have info about that, we are none the wiser...
  10. Daoist Jia Dao Zhang

    Longevity is a good topic to discuss. There are several Qigong and Taijiquan masters who died quite early in age. My grandma is 89 years old (born 1924), has never done any exercise, qigong and is quite alive. Grandmaster Feng Zhiqiang (born 1928) was a world class qigong and taijiquan master and he died last year. Michael Winn's wife died of cancer although she had been practicing all the pre-heaven practices the Healing Tao is selling that are supposed to erase all karmic inherited diseases ( mother of M.Winn's wife died of cancer also). Qigong and taijiquan and all related practices are certainly healthy but they seem to impact life quality more than longevity per se. Let's take up these practices with humility and lucidity.
  11. Immovable Tai Chi Master

    I was told that Taijiquan has a lot to do with physics. The more I see someone mastering physics, the greater respect I have for her/him. As for miraculous things done with qi, I am open to them but this is not what I am looking for as far as Taijiquan is concerned. Not trying to be confrontational , just my 2 cts.
  12. Lam Kam Chuen's teacher has passed. edited the title
  13. Immovable Tai Chi Master

    It may be this video. GM Chen Xiaowang is against the strongest man in China. It really begins around 19:39 edited for misprint
  14. Dreams, ambitons, goals?

    My dream is to have no fear or desire when I'll die, that would mean that I have done what I had to do, given what I had to and received what I had to. But's that a tough one for me.
  15. Good Tai Chi in LA

    It seems to me that, if you're interested in Chen style, Chen Bing's school could be a good place to learn. Have fun! edited for spelling