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  1. A few questions on sleeping

    I know of one awakened person who doesn't 'black out' during sleep. He can even hear his body snoring and enjoys it. His path was one of mostly meditation.
  2. Do women want to drain men's life force?

    Looking after your own energy is your responsibility, no one else’s. There are drainers/vampires in both gender. Without the feminine there is no point to the masculine. That translates well to humans. Devotion to the feminine is natural and lies within all our hearts.
  3. Hi Spotless, This is a question regarding the meditation practice you described a few posts above: In a long meditation session I will do Adyashanti's 'allowing everything to be as it is' meditation which is pretty much the meditation you described. However, you also mentioned breathing into the Dan Tian. Do you do this during your meditation? I find if I have something as 'directive' as that during meditation, I won't fully let go into the moment as there is an element of 'doing'. Or for you does it merely become mechanical and so doesn't interfere? Thanks
  4. I did Michael Lomax's distance Stillness Movement course in January. Out of all the qigong and energetic techniques I have done over the years (learnt in person with teachers), the Stillness Movement course was honestly mind blowing. It was technically life changing for me, the energy is something else and I shifted a lot just through the course itself. I wasn't expecting that much from a distance course but I was very surprised. Love the lineage as well. Agreed, its a pity these aren't more regular throughout the year. Also I highly recommend Stillness Movement in general (learnt from the book).
  5. Transcendence of Food

    I find it relatable. During, and briefly after a few awakening times, eating food felt really novel, interesting and fun. I couldn't tell if I was hungry or not. There was no desire for it on the level of my feeling of self. Probably as you said, the psychological aspect of 'wanting' food wasn't there. However when I am not in that state or space, my relationship to food is more addictive.
  6. As spiritual, new age, Eastern becomes more integrated into the West, we will see more and more misunderstanding, manipulation, abuse of these concepts as well as positive use etc. We will need more common sense, and as always, look to see what the energy is behind any claim or argument to see the real reason why someone is using an argument or concept etc.
  7. But its ok to remove junk food and toxic addictive drugs from our diet if we want to? Some people are overly sensitive and strongly affected by certain toxic people. For some people, one such toxic person could exhaust all their energy and pull them out of balance, in the same way addictive drugs do. We can create boundaries if doing so is necessary for getting better and healing. Sometimes you are not superman, and boundaries can be ok and helpful and benefit everyone in the long run as you get better. Buddhism wants peace for everyone, including you. If your systems can't handle a particular circumstance, and you need to rebalance and change those circumstances thats ok. The middle way..
  8. Cultivating Female Energy

    Yes to these posts. You already have a certain amount of yin energy in you. All you need is balanced yang/yin, masculine/feminine for you, which is a different balance for everyone. External yin: Mother earth grounding/chi exercises can be the most powerful for yin energy. Going into forests/nature/natural environment/ocean is also extremely powerful. Female friends and strangers you come across in general public, your yin/yang automatically relates to them whether you are conscious of it or not. Watch what you system does naturally to balance itself and let it happen. Also if you relate to any particular Goddess of a tradition, call her in and ask for her energy. They are abundant Perhaps an important question (if this is the case at all, not assuming it is) to what extent you are blocking your own natural yin/female energy, and blocking external yin/female outside of yourself as well. Are you afraid to experience yin inside and outside? Have you created mental/emotional blocks etc around yin/female energy? When we remove the blocks, the energy can naturally flow in and out of us, and in and out of our lives. We don't need to cultivate or hold onto it when we are completely unblocked because energy flows in and out of us in complete balance as is needed.
  9. Taijiquan/Qigong and Sagehood

    I definitely agree to a balance of moving and sitting practices. My conclusion over time is that most of current Taijiquan, Qigong, and Zhan Zhuang practices including many well known systems today work more specifically with energy, astral and some other bodies, rather than at the highest aspects of self or specifically at the level of consciousness. Although working on lower levels may affect higher levels, many of these techniques are not a direct path to the higher levels in the same way that a direct path is. But they can still have incredible value in one's journey. As far as I know there are teachers of Taoist lineage who teach both today. People have been known to realise their highest self during any practice or in life generally so I would say there is no rule here. But some practices seem to focus specifically on that realisation/awakening of those higher levels and those practices are usually easier to find in other traditions. Sometimes someone will need to work on both directions at different times and balance is probably the key. I see all the time the imbalances of top heavy spiritual people and bottom heavy spiritual people, including in myself. Also I can't agree that standing meditation is better than sitting, I think it would depend on the person and what they want to achieve. Its not for me. There must also be a reason why sages of all traditions over time spent a lot of time 'sitting' doing a practice.
  10. Cannot feel chi in the morning

    I am the same, usually less chi in the morning, a lot in afternoon or evening. Very late however not so good. Its also the same for my meditation. But everyday is always slightly different too. Some morning qigong sessions have been powerful and afternoon nothing. Agree with posters, if you feel do qigong in the morning, continue doing it then, regardless of what chi you feel. However if you feel really uninspired and feeling nothing, perhaps you are doing it because you think you should be doing it, rather than what your body/energy system wants to do. Sometimes the right practice at the right time is best (and not just sometimes).
  11. I think the question depends entirely on you, your state of consciousness, what you have already activated, what processes have already been set in motion, where your energy is at, what have been your spiritual practices, what is your particular path, whats important to you, your intentions for this life time prior to being born, any set events you organised prior to coming here, what your guides or celestial teachers intend for you (based on any prior agreement with them), and any kind of 'grace' that may be bestowed upon you as you continue living etc etc. I personally think at some point you need to transcend any addiction and attachment to practice. That doesn't mean you stop doing them, but it means that you listen to your inner truth (essentially the Tao at the deepest point) and what it says to do, and not your mind/ego. Often that kind of attachment and addiction becomes a barrier to your spiritual progression and you need to drop it to keep progressing. That means dropping the attachment to the practicing, not necessarily the practices themselves which your truth may direct you to keep doing or learn new ones. You can only go so far holding on really tight.
  12. Natural order is a yang view

    I tend to think as order leaning towards Yang. But then I look at Vedic Goddess's that are considered to be the organising power of the universe - Saraswati is often said to be that functioning intelligence that makes the infinite number of relationships between two things spontaneously and perfectly co-exist with every other relationship, at every time/space point in reality. Thats sounds pretty orderly to me. I can only agree that Yin and Yang are only themselves and don't equate to anything else, including fitting into human intellectual frameworks. I also wonder why we bother making claims about this stuff, as fun as it is.
  13. Natural order is a yang view

    Lol. Yes. I was working with the premise of the argument and attempting to turn it back on itself for some ironic humour. Don't know if it really worked.
  14. Chi Practice for Drumming

    Yeah I agree with Bearded Dragon's post and the suggestion of really feeling deeply within her while she drums. She has the technical ability, so thats not an obstruction. She may need to pull in her own essence and truth into the drumming and be willing to go on that journey to find out what that is. Most likely it won't happen over night, but who knows. The best musicians are tapped into a deeper truth and they become a vehicle for that truth. You have to be willing to become a vessel and let go into that. As bearded dragon said that lies beyond her thinking mind. The other suggestion would be to focus on her Dan Tien while she drums for like 30 mins and see what happens - And to maintain that focus and awareness there (but not forcing), regardless how cool and interesting the drumming gets.