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  1. Qigong: Only Mindful Movements?

    Are you serious ? I haven't heard anyone who damaged himself with SPFQ standing exercises. They were designed fool proof. So you can't damage yourself if you follow the instructions. The orbit is another thing....
  2. Qigong: Only Mindful Movements?

    Gerard....Sometimes I think you are very exagerated. How can one harm himself doing simple Qigong methods SPECIFICALLY created to not harm like Spring Forest Qigong ? There are lots of people in this forum reporting good experiences using SFQ, Bruce Frantzis, and so on... you have them on this very same thread. Or in the one you recommend Walking Meditation.
  3. How to spot a good therapist

    Thank you all for your comments. I have a lot of more info now to work with. I'll made some kind of list with the possible therapists after your suggestions. I'll let you know what or what not works for me. I'm really grateful for all your comments and advice. Thanks again. I hope it will work. I don't want to be in a chronic emotional illness
  4. How to spot a good therapist

    Thanks for the advice!!! Good points. A few things : You do mean Freud/Lacan/Jung/Klein/Winnicott/Adler etc ? If the answer is yes, I agree with you. Their TOO much on the mind. Some of them I even think they can be dangerous. For instance I never liked any pure Freudian I ever met (not that I have met dozens but a few). They look greyish, boring, rigid, and somehow decrepit. A big no-no for me. In fact my TCM doctor suggested me a colleague of him who is a Freudian Psychotherapist and I have strong feelings against him even without having met him. Even seeing his picture on the internet (I found it) I don't like him. Btw, would you include Reich/Lowen in that group ? How can a CBT be more rounded if its COGNITIVE in nature ?
  5. How to spot a good therapist

    Thanks for the advice. I didn't know kinesiology could be applied to psychotherapy. Can it ? How does it work ? I've heard very good things about family constelations but I think it's not psychotherapy. It's just another useful workshop. It's something you do once, twice, whatever but you aren't with a therapist in a weekly basis for a few months to give some structure to everything. I feel more like I need the later. Somehow I agree with this but then what's going to happen if you don't feel good about him/her? You're going to treat core issues with someone who you don't feel good about ? Hmm... don't really see the point there.
  6. How to spot a good therapist

  7. How to spot a good therapist

    Thanks Jetsun. It looks quite good though there doesn't seem to be any practitioner of that therapy on my country.
  8. How to spot a good therapist

    Thanks for your answers guys.
  9. Hey guys, I'm thinking about starting a psychotherapy. Being thinking about which one. I think Reichian/Bioenergetics are good because they are much into the body, not so much into the mind. Things I don't like about this kind of therapies is that they (apparently) focus a lot on the past, your parents, etc... For a long time I wanted to get over some some psycho/emotional/cognitive stuff on my own (related to liver qi stagnation) but I think I need some professional help in the form of therapy. I just need to talk about this problems with someone. Doing some workshops here and there, some meditation, shamanic works, breathings, random pieces here and there isn't helping me. In fact it might have created an "spiritual bypass". I somehow need a framework, a way to put some order into mundane internal/external life, so to speak. Plain emotions like anger, sadness, etc. Plain cognitions like worthless feelings, guilt, auto-boycot, etc. Plain stuff like where to live and where to work. Just normal issues, nothing related to higher conciousness/spirituality. I somehow feel like in a psychotherapy supermarket ... all different products and flavours, horrendous sensation. Also I feel like there are loooots of therapists that can damage you more than can fix you. Specially now a days where everyone has jumped the bandwagon of "New Age" stuff, at least on my country. I'm overcautious. There's energy exchange, belief systems exchange, authority transference and so on... Or am I overworried about it? My question is : How would you chose a therapist ? How can you spot if it's a good one ? How many sessions will you allow yourself to decide ? Would you go with your "gut" sensations ? Would you flip a coin ? Any help would be much appreciated. Thanks
  10. Dear bums, I wrote these questions inthe "Emotional Obesity" thread and later realized it could hijack the thread, so I open a new one. How exactly the energy of another person can interfere with yours once in an intimate relationship ?? I'm starting an intimate relationship with a girl I quite like. At one point while in bed making love we both felt that we were becoming each other, or melting together, or something like that. Can't really explain it better. Don't know if it was my imagination, but she felt it as well and we both were scared. Is it potentially dangerous ? Is it only on my mind ? Coincidence ? Can it cause permanent damage to my aura or something ? I don't want to be picking up any negative traits she may have, and I don't want her to pick any negative traits I might have (I'm sure I do have). I have MORE than enough dealing with my own psycho/emotio/spiritual issues. Do things like garlic or Tulsi (AFAIK they regenerate/keep foreigners out the aura) will heal/prevent this ? I can understand that if you build an armour around yourself you won't be much affected, but isn't that limiting an intimate relationship ? Quite lost about this topic, really.
  11. Master Chunyi Lin's Gift

    I found this song very disturbing. Not healing or uplifting at all. If anything, it scared me. Sounded like voices from hell. Don't really understand.
  12. mental fog

    Lentils and quinoa aren't grains ? What about the omega-3 that is in fish ? Most vegetable oils are high on 6 and 9 AFAIK. I am not really sure of that, regarding the tremendous ammount of testimonies on internet about people regaining health (energy, clarity of mind, etc) on a paleo diet (high fat/protein, low carbs). Also apparently lots of population have undiagnosed candida, that will grow much worse with the sugar from the fruit. I'm not saying one is better than other. I don't know. I've always done a balanced diet. The problem with diet changes is that if you are doing something wrong there are chances you don't notice the problem before many months/years and then it's gonna be hard to recover.
  13. mental fog

    Where are the proteins going to come from ? Won't that much sugar from fruit be pernicious ? Just asking.
  14. mental fog

    Yes, I agree 100% with you. Not only that, it's even worst : once you read/hear the lesson, you get the idea/concept that it HAS to be like that because buddhists have been telling this for hundreds of years, hey, it must be true. Then life goes on and you see yourself not following that teaching at all (not a surprise since you only got the concept, not the embodied insight), and then you start torturing yourself because you must be doing something wrong, because hey, it's been told by the buddhists hundreds of years ago. It's so easy (over the paper or videotape). I should be able to accept things. Why isn't working ? It's dangerous because it can cause a lot of repression. It doesn't work. You have to have your own insights. Please mind I am not referring to a buddhist practice with a master, in the proper place, with the proper guidance, and so on. Plus buddhist is not easy to follow/understand by the western mind.