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Found 6 results

  1. I don't really know why I'm making this post. Maybe I need help understanding what we are. Maybe it is to show how beautiful something can be when two open hearts come together. Or maybe it is just to solve issues. I met my wife almost 4 years ago. I traveled 4000 miles into the unknown and landed in her house since she rented out a room for AirBnB. Short story. She was seperated for 4 years from her husband and didn't date. Someone asked if she wanted to go to a party, and if he could just drive her. "What could be the harm" she said. Well they didn't make it to the party.. Carcrash.. she broke her ribs. The next day I arrived in her house. We met and I took care of her for 3 months. There was an instant connection, like we knew each other for ages. It felt surreal. In retrospect it felt like we where both in a fugue state or something. We started talking and never stopped. I saw through her essence and felt how she really is. If you ever heard about twin flames (from those new age books). It felt like that. Including the age age difference. She is 28 years older than me; although people that see us together don't seem to notice it. It's like our energy vibrates together. Even stranger, there is some feeling in me that I feel like a father towards her. I call her my little girl. Now four years later. I still love her, love her even more. I love her so much it impedes me from being myself. From the other thread people might know that I had parathyroid issues followed by something like an opening of the hearth (chakra). Past pains resurfaced; and I remember never been young, only been small. At least that's how I phrase it. A lot of loneliness in my childhood, combined with emotional neglect. My mother couldn't show love because of what happened in her childhood. She died when I was 20 and she both told me an my sister that she always loved us but couldn't show it. That was after 3 years of cancer and me taking care of her. After her death I took care of my dad until he found a girlfriend and I was left on my own. I had a dark night of the soul that lasted many months. It almost destroyed me, but now it seems it made me stronger. I took about 10 years to fully recover and at age 30 I set off on a spiritual journey in which I forsake the idea of love and concentrated on my "mission" in life. Which was just more a feeling than a concrete thing. I landed in her lap basically; after a strange series of events that where so weird it not only made me convinced about something spiritual but also showed a glimpse of my (and any human's) potential. Although I know our deep connection, there is something that feels off. At first I thought it was my pain body, but I feel there is more out there. It is hard to know what exactly what I feel or place it into a context. My wife was my first experience and what I thought, my always and my last. I am not so certain about this now. I might have done the most stupid thing and told her about this. I have a hard time lying or keeping things secret and she already felt emotionally what I told her in words. We still love each other deeply and I want to be there for her; but on the other hand their are so many omens and everything seems to fall apart. Even my illness seems to be an expression of something emotional and spiritual. Agape; the highest form of love is what we feel for each other. Below that our regular egoistic love started to grow. More on her side than on mine; although I also feel egoistic love for her; yet less. I don't know what to make of this journey that is our lives. I always had hunches about the future; mostly in dreams at night, sometimes it comes as something I know without recalling how. Maybe they are just possibilities and by having them I've been given the permission to change the future. I might have done this already and literally saved her life if that was the case. Or maybe I just see her death nearing if I didn't. In the middle of this Ziran. It sends me every spiritual person and book around me, my way. My vibration must be rising and it is starting to feel like I felt 4 years ago. Only I am in a better place with more support. From people saying me to strengthen my lower chakras to guiding me to Qi-gong, to pointing out I should read the Dao of physics. I am sure the universe is working its hardest to move me in the right direction; and I feel like I'm failing or rather making mistakes. I know this has nothing to do with Dao; but it has everything to do with Dao. It is the Dao to the Dao in which you start to realize the Dao by becoming the Dao so you may become one with the Dao. Also, I might need a master; but Ziran has been so grateful; I don't know if there is a master I would accept.
  2. Good advice in this poem, especially if you're in a place where undue emphasis is placed on youth, beauty, sex and fun: Shall I, wasting in despair, Die because a woman's fair? Or my cheeks make pale with care 'Cause another's rosy are? Be she fairer than the day Or the flowery meads in May -- If she be not so to me, What care I how fair she be? Shall my foolish heart be pined 'Cause I see a woman kind; Or a well dispos-ed nature Join-ed with a lovely feature? Be she meeker, kinder, than Turtle-dove or pelican, If she be not so to me, What care I how kind she be? Shall a woman's virtues move Me to perish for her love? Or her merit's value known Make me quite forget mine own? Be she with that goodness blest Which may gain her name of Best; If she seem not such to me, What care I how good she be? 'Cause her fortune seems too high, Shall I play the fool and die? Those that bear a noble mind Where they want of riches find, Think what with them they would do Who without them dare to woo; And unless that mind I see, What care I though great she be? Great or good, or kind or fair, I will ne'er the more despair; If she love me, this believe, I will die ere she shall grieve; If she slight me when I woo, I can scorn and let her go; For if she be not for me, What care I for whom she be? George Wither
  3. Would just be interested in hearing your views on relationships - serious partnerships that is. Mainly looking for input from spiritual traditions, and experience from you who have it under your belt. No loose speculations from teenagers please (no offence, let's be real). I know that the Daoist and Indian traditions have some concrete advice here. And then there is insight from people here who also happen to cultivate, and learn to know themselves at deep layers. How would you choose between multiple possible partners? Yours, Mandrake
  4. My mum kicked my arse yesterday. I guess I should be thankful... For the first time in a while, I'm pretty confused and down, but perhaps that is just a result of being hit with a reality check. At dinner yesterday, somehow my mum and I managed to get on to the topic of my cultivation. After talking about how much better I am these days, which was backed up by my girlfriend (and I am so sorry she had to be there for this) my mum actually said I was much worse! I couldn't believe it, as much as I am trying and concentrating on breath and not violently lashing out (which was my big achievement) I was slapped back down by being told that these days I raised my voice much more and was verbally more angry. She wasn't wrong. It all escalated to the point where I was yelling and disagreeing with her. She remained calm with the odd chuckle (where my old self comes back to tell me she is disrespectful and making fun of me. Naturally, I yell even more) So I went away thinking, what can I do? Am I to practice not getting wound up by her? Am I making things up, is she actually not winding me up? Am I too sensitive? Do I have a chip on my shoulder? Am I seeking recognition for all my hard work and mad because I'm not being given the right encouragement? If so, why am I so determined to have my own mother encourage me? But should I be thankful that she has identified my flaws? Although, she's the only one that I behave like this with. Occasionally my sister...I guess it's just those two that know how to push my buttons. Perhaps everyone else is just beating around the bush with me and being laid back. It's made me very sad and confused, I don't know how much better I really am now. Have I been too complacent and cocky? Clearly there is some work to be done, I just don't know what to do right now
  5. Emotional Obesity

    I knew a woman three years ago. She was ostracized by a lot of people. but I had space and she had content and we fit together like hand and glove. As we became close I noticed that she carried a deep trauma in her. A slamming door in the evening set her off on some irrational highly emotional tirade; a passerby on the street gave her "weird vibes" where there were none; and the reactions, often powerfully negative, from those around her got me thinking: I think this woman has PTSD. When I moved away she was the last person I saw, and I thought about her every day. We talked on the phone and she started telling me strange stories about being abused and yelled at and attacked in streets. I try to explain the importance of attitude to her and encountered immense, insurmountable resistance. I'm called a "victim-blamer." I distrust this side of her. The stories she tells are unreasonable, and the frequency with which she encounters negativity astounds me, as my experience in s free of threat of any sort. In my heart I blame her and feel guilty for it. I know that she is the common factor in all this pain. I continue to care and love for her and miss her. Nine months ago I moved back to the city she was in. I saw her and while I was visually startled by how much weight she had gained, I still knew who she was inside and how much I loved her. She was already a little bit heavy when we met, but it was attractive on her. But the additional weight started to bother me when I touched her. No matter where I put my hands or how closely I tried to hold her, I could not feel her. I just felt fat. I had never hugged somewhat carrying so much extra weight before and it took me a few hours to figure out what was wrong: I couldn't feel her vital energy. I couldn't feel the life force that her organs would normally radiate out to me. I realized I was totally repulsed by this. I recall smelling something subtle but terrible, too. I feel it's a pity and a terrible shame that I let her incubate in this negativity for so long. I had an opportunity to help her 2 years ago when things seemed to get really bad.
  6. Many might remember the Stephen Stills song with this title: Love the One You're With. I woke up this morning with this song running through my mind. (The particular lyrics of that song aren't pertinent to this discussion, only the title). I've been in a relationship, an on and off relationship, for 30 years. I've tried countless times to end this relationship, but have never been able to. We've been married and divorced from each other twice, and we're still together. Unmarried, but together. My whole life, the grass was always greener on the other side of the fence. This was just my make-up, and it was a recurring theme throughout my life. I always had one eye on the current relationship and the other eye wandering (not in an actual physical way, I wasn't actually BORN in West Virginia or anything!) I was always looking for something Better. But I was never without a relationship. I was capable of going to the lowest depths to find one; anything but being Alone. So I guess this falls under the category of 'be careful of what you pray for' (at least, back when I used to pray to 'something') For the first 25 years of this co-dependent, torturous relationship with Joe (due to our mutual alcoholic personalities), we made each other miserable. And he would go out and get drunk - skid row drunk - every time we had an argument for the first 10 years we were together. But a funny thing has happened; maybe because our co-dependency was stronger than our desire to leave. A few years back, I was listening to my car radio and that song came on. Love the One you're With. And it hit me like a thunderbolt, although I had heard that song countless time before. Why not try actually loving this man? Why not stop looking for something better, or smarter, or someone of greater social stature? Just make the darn decision: love him! And so began the process of acceptance. First of all, acceptance of myself, because I saw the tendency that had haunted me my whole life; never being satisfied with what I had. The second part was accepting Joe total for what he is, and not wishing he were different in some ways. What a huge difference this decision - merely a decision! - has made in our lives. I actually go out of my way to do nice things for him now. I count the blessings we have together, as opposed to focusing on the differences. Well, relating this to my own spiritual growth, I must say that this has probably been one of the biggest components of it. It opened my eyes just a bit to unconditional love, to forgiveness, to remaining in one place and focused - and not 'waiting for the next one'. To be Here Now. And most of all, to come to the realization that I Am responsible for my own happiness - not someone else. Someone else can never give it to me, I must give it to myself. What an incredible awareness this has been. And the funny thing is, we have a wonderful life together now; as I have changed, he seems to have followed suit. Or maybe I am just seeing it with different eyes. I am very thankful today for this loyal friend of 30 years that has been part of me - and who has been the mirror for me to see the changes that I need to make within myself. And today, when we do have a bit of a dust-up, which is not real often any more, they blow over quickly. In fact, we now have a plan for any little spats we get into - we have a big trailer sitting up at the top of the property that he can stay in. But it happens hardly at all any more. It seems that there are two dynamics within all of us. One dynamic is 'that which we want', and the other is 'that which we need'. I realize today that Joe has been the very 'lapidary' that I needed to smooth out my rough edges, and I have been that for him. I'm happy to say that today, we fit like a hand in a glove. But I would never have imagined, in my earlier life, that a fellow like Joe was what I needed. What a surprise. Love the one you're with.