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  1. I like this progression (of degrees of awareness) you started this thread with, by the way. It looks to be practical. Jeff said; “But, I do not see how your comments relate to this thread. Are you implying that there is no "general" human spiritual progression to discuss? “ Iw; No, I'm not implying that. I'm saying that practice is 99% taking action according to principles, (natuiral laws and practical applications) and 1% in quoting doctrinal positions and scriptures. I point this out given the current content of the main thread you started on this subject. The terms “practitioner, adept, Master, High Master” also represent a progression of consciousness. In fact, one could easily call them “levels of consciousness”. The higher the level the greater the perception/awareness as a general rule. This is how I see your listed progression as well. In any such progression, intent is key, as is the embodiment of each level of awareness when it is reached, so that the next level(s) can then be achieved subsequently. This is, generally speaking, what makes the statement “you too can do as I” truth and valid, as anyone can expand their consciousness by degrees, through the right intent to do so. What intentions do you recommend to reach the level of Master?
  2. It seems pertinent to ask you Jeff, and others here, about the practice of gnosticism. The word comes, as I'm sure people here know, from the Greek root "gnosis" meaning "to know". Gnosticism is a state or practice which results in knowing. In other words, it refers to the ability to perceive truth directly without need of scriptures, church hierarchies, priests or gurus. The ability to know directly is innate, which is to say, it is a bi-product of being the centers of consciousness that we are. That ability can be enhanced greatly through meditative/spiritual practices. Scritpural references can be useful, I suppose, though they are generally anything but conclusive, (logically and clearly stated). But with regard even to those that are, is it not true that a gnostic had to write/cognize them to start with, for such passages to even exist? Given this, is it not better to See directly, and know through practice, than to follow doctrines or memorize/quote scriptures? MY point here is that the words "gnostic" or "gnosticism" seem by definition to directly contradict the practice of "religions", and that it is better to invest in means, (direct cognition) than ends, (somebody elses' interpretation).
  3. Ti, I admit to the tendency, probably a bad habit to some degree, of sometimes giving too much credit where it is not necessarily earned. It is a tendency to support soemthing or someone out of enthusiasm for what truth they DO speak, and ignoring things they say which are not true, out of a desire to boost such a message. Call it “ecumenical” if you wish. You're absolutely right, kundalini is not the Holy Spirit. It has been explained exactly as you said, as sexual energy at the base of the spine. And it's true that credibility is an extremely important consideration in any embrace of a system or person. It is a necessary prerequisite for the discovery and application of truth. I would ask you, however, “What IS the 'Holy Spirit'?”...a practical definition if you please, not just scriptural quotations. It is necessary to point out that TRUTH is what is most important in any spiritual path, in and of itself, and for its' own sake. It doesn't matter who speaks that truth, or even in what manner it is spoken, so long as it is crystallized. Traditions, lineages, doctrines, dogmas and all that, are not in themselves what deserves respect. What deserves respect, and therefore careful consideration, are those things, (including many of Jeffs' statements) which contain truth. You said; “This thread's topic is "transmission in christian mysticism". So what are Buddhist/Bon writings being used to explain "transmissions in Christian Mysticism? IW; Why shouldn't Buddhist writings be referred to, to explain Christian mysticism? Truth is not the exclusive property of either tradition, nor do both of them combined encompass it. The fact is, the truth is the truth regardless of how we may classify it. Traditions are only points of reference...they are ALL “made up” to some degree, and would not exist within their current classifications or dogmas were it not for humans so naming them. Even the language we're using here (English) is largely arbitrary and aritifical. The important thing is that they attempt to explain what IS, sometimes succeeding, sometimes failing miserably. It is up to the practitioner to determine, through experimentation, what is factual and what is not, according to experience. My personal preference is to summarily discard ALL traditions due to their historically distorted and biased nature, in favor of direct perception, (gnosticism). But quoting what truth they do hold, can be useful for the sake of communication, and so as to not “re-invent the any given wheel” when it is already known. TI: “The Christian/Catholic church does not use the term "transmission". They call it sacrements. And, any priest can perform sacrements. A priest is not a master nor an adept.” IW; No doubt that is true. But then again the Catholic Church sponsored a thousand years of intellectual repression, (the Dark Ages) and arbitrary torture. How could a priest of such a tradition be a true nmaster or an adept, and still remain part of such an organization? If you want credibility, then by all means apply such criteria to EVERYONE. Jeff was speaking of the “mind level transmission” and said that it is “at the astral level”. TI; “Where does it say that it is at the 'astral' level? The astral level is very slow compared to the causal level, or the mental level. And why not at the etheric level? Crap.. Why does the mind need to translate the astral transmission? Aside from the fact that mind/awareness is way faster than astral, and mind to mind transmissions do not use the astral, astral travel is something we all do every night, naturally.” IW; I agree with your points here. Just because something is done with the mind does not imply it is of an astral, (“desire body”) level. The statement of mind being astral assumes that personal feeling-desires are the only way it implicitly functions. On the other hand, this is indeed how the majority of human minds function today, focused almost exclusively on their personal feelings and desires, rather than CAUSE or PURE SUBJECT MATTER. Given this I can easily overlook the statement and understand it as, “typically so”. And I empathize very clearly with what you're saying about Benjamin Creme, and his (apparently incorrect) prophecy of Christs' return. Yes, his credibility is shaken. However, this fact does not diminish the spoken truth that intention can be and is spiritually transmitted person to person, and that such a thing is a learned skill that can be mastered. Frankly, given the value of the information presented, I don't much care if Creme predicted purple gumdrops to rain from the sky for 40 days and nights. What matters is that extremely valuable truth has been presented, the content of which I can personally attest to. I've been attempting to advocate such inforamtion for decades, and to find even a semblance of an ally in this work is refreshing. My point here, brother, is that the truth is all that really matters. Let's first enhance it wherever it appears, and not distract from it unduly, letting the dogmas and misperceptions fall as they may in te due course of the discussion of it's practice.
  4. TI, I hope you appreciate Jeffs' generous and enlightened response to your earlier post on this thread. If you want an example of his practice, there it is plain as day. He did not respond in like kind to your intent, only in kindness and attempted empathy. You said to him, "You have no references, nor any other supporting bodies of writings in your terminology that you can present." First of all I doubt that is the case. Having looked up "Transmission" on Google I found one reference to Benjamin Cremes' use of similar words and concepts. I can personally attest to the truth of most if not all of what Jeff has stated in this thread. Second, the truth doesn't need "references" or "other supporting bodies of writings". Sure, those can be collaborative, but the best test of a premise is simply it's attempted application, in scientific fashion. Jeff said; "Rather than any specific goal of mastery or level, I think of it as that I have an infinite curiosity in understanding creation/God. I have found that one does not "gain" mastery, rather one "clears" the obstructions that hide what we have always been. Call it a Buddha or a child of God, it does not matter, the process is much more like remembering than learning." IW; Your points here have merit and obvious truth, but there is a desire in me to "balance" them a bit with a counterperspective. Part of the premise here seems to be that Mastery, such as that of a Christ or similar practitioner, is an innate quality to all peoples' inner selves, that this is less a learned or attained state as it is a regaining of lost memory. I want to say that is true in part, no doubt universally so to some variable degree, but that degree depends on the individual soul. The POTENTIAL and foundation of Mastery is certainly innate, ("you too can do as I") but as for it being fully manifest just from remembering is a very debateable point. Yours is what might be called the "passive/acceptance" stance, ("let go, let God") whereas I tend to lean to the opposite extreme...."active/self initiative" ("if not me then who?"). In the case of "self initiative", the practitioner tends to take all responsibility onto themselves, ("take individual responsiblity and often exclusive action"). It occurs to me that a seemless combination of these two modes of action, in different proportion at different times, would be considered "the middle path" in Tao and thereby more effective. What do you think? You asked if anyone would like to hear specifics of the practice of Transmission, and I for one certainly would.
  5. Jeff, Do you have "the intent of Mastery"? Or even high Mastery? In your context, what I'm really asking is, "Do you intend to gain such a level of consciousness as that of a Christ or similar figure?" Or have you crossed into such level(s) on various occasions already? If so to any of the above, then I would fuirther ask, "What specific focuses or practices do you engage, or which are recommended from your teachings' tradition, to gain a Masters' level?
  6. The Expansion of Consciousness

    Brother Jeff, I must apologize to you and others here for my lack of in-depth response. I was out of town for a while, and also distracted by some work that came up. That is no longer the case, so here we go; You asked, "Could you describe a little more about the relationship between a master and the group? Is it something that you participate in?" One example of large-scale groups I've been into has been TM (Transcendental Meditation). TM claims to be the most scientifically studied meditational technique and I believe it. They've conducted various studies again and again regarding what they call, "creating coherence in the fields at large". [by "fields" they of course mean something similar to the phrase, "electro magnetic field" or Einsteins' "Unified Field", both of which are spoken of at length by modern quantum and particle physics. Einstein postulated via his unified field theory, that there is a naturally occurring phenomena of nature which connects all things energetically. This is a truth that has been known by true mystics throughout human history. I would personally add that this thing, which pervades all of existence and connects all persons and objects together, is none other than consciousness, which is our essence.] TM was able to scientifically demonstrate that when a medium to large group of advanced meditators performed their practice in any large city, the violent crime rate would drop during that period by at least 25%. BY "creating coherence in the fields at large" then, they meant that the coherent state of consciousness of meditators is transmitted out into the environment. In doing so it caused a similar resonance in the minds and feelings of persons in the surrounding area. Such groups were without a "Master" per se, Jeff, but were never the less functional in their effect. If a Master were present in such a group however, the boost to their "psychic broadcast" would be tremendous. Both the strength of the signal and the degree of it's quality would be profoundly elevated. This would be especially true if all the meditators "raised" each others' consciousness actively, (especially at the Masters' direction) instead of just relying on a passive resonance as TM is known to do. An excellent though lengthy scientific video on such subjects, as well as their spiritual ramifications, can be found via this link; ▶ Mind Science Kept Hidden Documentary.WE ARE VIBRATIONAL BEINGS.Law of attraction/vibes - YouTube
  7. The Expansion of Consciousness

    RV had it right, "darshan" is the word I meant, a typo there. The darshan of a Master is of course their psychically-felt presence, whose intent it is to spiritually uplift those present. Jeff, A comprehensive definition of a Master is one who can both demonstrate and clearly explain the nature of the Path, which is to say, spiritual progress and the expansion of consciousness.
  8. the observer and the observed

    Brother Roger, If I'm not mistaken, Krishnamurti was saying that "the observer should be the subject of observation", not that this is always the case. In other words, I believe he was advocating that very thing to the reader. Another way to say this, (obviously in the meditative context) is "awareness of awareness" or "let that whic looks rest within itself". Awareness is one of the chief components of the consciousness that we are. The usual habit of that consciousness is to focus on one external thing after the next, in succession, in our daily lives. What Krishnamurti was saying, I believe, is that something extraordinary happens when we let our awareness focus upon itself, rather than the various external subjects of the senses. By doing this, something extraordinary does indeed arise...cumulatively greater clarity. A/A = C holds true, in that awareness divided by awareness equals clarity. This meditative focus is particularly powerful when it is engaged in conjunction with the feeling of the third eye, (area of the forehead).
  9. Jeff said; "In surrender, a Christian master (or Christ) becomes a "child of God". The master does not "cease", but continues as sort of a unique subset of God (in God), with My will = Thy will." IW; "You too can do as I" is a quote attributed to Christ, a statement which I've given a great of contemplation. I like the term "a Christian Master" as a synonym for Christ, as it implies exactly that...that anyone CAN become as a Christ. Such a thing can be described in terms of the expansion of consciousness, especially as the advanced practitioner transcends a certain minimum threshold of self realization and spiritual attainment. All this is definitely resonant with the gnostic perspective, in which perception of God and truth needs no intermediaries, such as a church hierarchy or doctrine, to be true and accurate. A Master certainly does not cease being their own center of consciousness as you pointed out. They are merely a greater subset of the consciousness of that which is called "God" than is, say, the average person who does not focus upon such things in their life. In fact, the precise reason why God, truth and nature are all directly perceivable by any person who endeavors to See them, is because the consciousness of the self is also the same "substance" which composes God and nature. It is a principle that those who know themselves also knows significant things about God, and vice versa.
  10. The Expansion of Consciousness

    Basically, it helps to have most if not all particpants basically competant in their ability to transmit their state to others. But in general, groups can be composed of any level of expertise and still generate a significant, psychic effect on a group mind basis. Everyone has for instance felt love at least at some time in their lives. This they have felt from others, even pets, as well love that is of their own creation. Obviously, one should first be in a love state, in order to competantly send a love state to others. One technique to enter into love at will, is to meditatively remember a time in one's past where love was felt the strongest. By remembering how that felt body-wide is to be able to summon it up by degrees, until it becomes useful for group purposes. The more advanced practitioner can merely INTEND an increasing state of love upon themselves, (the same is true of clarity or greater chi of course), and is thereby made ready to raise others. But as you mentioned an advanced leader who is well experienced in coordinating group states, as well as their own, is a big boost to any group efforts. When you referred to a broud frequency range what came to mind was a focus that involved most if not all of the chakras/feelings from head to toe. In this context, frequency = the feeling(s) at which one's chi is resonating. The chakras can be seen as an ascending spectrum of vibrational rates, thus the colors of the rainbow that they are generally associated with. Jeff, you said; "Since, we all sort of naturally broadcast on all frequencies with which we have clarity, so in "dual cultivation", there is a less specific focus and each party is sort of naturally "hit" in obstructed areas by the other person's clarity on that type of issue. If each party "let's go of the issues", it is kind of like equalizing pressure. This is the same dynamic as being in the presence of a true guru/master." I agree with all you've said, at least in part, as usual. Your use of the term "obstructions" is useful, and I take it to mean "blockages, usually energetic and psychological, which stand in the way of spiritual progress". And I've noticed exactly what you stated here...that the recipients of transmissions/castings are indeed impacted in such a manner as limited by their obstructions, (issues) and the less this is the case, the more profoundly and quickly they are impacted by the projected intention of others. The "equalizing pressure" you mentioned sounds like a reference to the group psychic space, or in other words, the group state of consciousness which averages out well, particularly when people let go of their issues. A true Master and their "drashan" as it is called, certainly can accomplish this same effect for a group of meditators, I agree.
  11. The Expansion of Consciousness

    Brother Jeff, You said; "I have definitely experienced the two person (male-female) effect that you have described. At broad frequency ranges, I have heard it called a "dual cultivation" loop. The broader group dynamic sounds very interesting. Is there sort of a limit on effectiveness? Or, the more the better?" IW; Yes, the Yin/Yang aspects of male and female are, without doubt, an extremely powerful combination. This is especially true when they are merged together via high and spiritual intentions. If I'm not mistaken, Taoism and it's symbol reflect male and female as universal forces, even as natural laws. Man and woman could then be properly seen, at a core level, as the physical embodiment of those cosmic laws. Both therefore hold spiritual power when self realized, especially in combination. Some call this natural power they have (the sexes) to enhance each other, and even to expand each others' consciousness, as POLARITY. Physics certainly recognizes polarity as a key concept in the comprehension of many truths. These facts are the very basis for the Vedically-based practice known as tantra. I like the term "dual cultivation loop". That sounds like an accurate description of what any two persons can accomplish energetically, especially male and female. I might only add this, "a dual cultivation loop of mutual intention". Please elaborate more on the term "broad frequency ranges" as this sounds like another excellent thing to discuss. You asked if there is an effective limit to the number who can effectively, "cultivate a multiple loop", or in other words, form a cohesive, effective group mind. The answer is "no", but that is limited by the quality of the intention employed by the participants. The group mind principle, (natural law) states that, "the collective consciousness is geometrically greater than the sum of its' parts". The greater the number of participants, the stronger the resulting psychic and spiritual force can be. When such a group force is applied to the generation of great spiritual love, for instance, it can have significant large-scale effects, as you no doubt already know.
  12. The Expansion of Consciousness

    Apech, thanks for clarifying. If the thread gets moved, I fully understand. What follows is but one example of what can be done through group intention; I posted the following on a Castaneda discussion area known as "Nagual Forums" on September 5th 2013. You are invited to join the forum and the discussion.... Some would say that love, like other feeling-states are “ineffable”, but this is not so. Love, like pain, joy or fear, are based upon the same chi-energy which animates all life. Each of these vibrations has it's own unique range of frequencies, (feelings) that are brought into existence by a unique range of intentions. We may INTEND any of these vibrations into existence within ourselves, and into “the fields at large”. It is also within our power to amplify, diminish or cancel out any such feeling-state at will. There are many who speak of “unconditional love” but rarely is the phrase defined. Unconditional love is implicitly spoken of in the spiritual context. It is NOT the love of money, narcissistic love, puppy love, romance-novel love or the love of power over others. Spiritual love is a feeling-state held for the sake of love itself, for it's own great and inherent benefit. Unconditional love is spiritual love held in place by intent, “no matter what” the circumstance and regardless of ego. It is a love held in place as a matter of CAUSE, and for the sake of the upliftment it renders. Spiritual love can be increased by degrees. If this is done through very dynamic intention, then the states of love that arise, increase very dynamically as well. Unconditional love is one that seeks the ultimate benefit of the recipient(s). It is a high vibration which heals the physical body, strengthens the energy body and raises the soul. It can be “cast” upon others at will. When two or more practitioners “cast” such a state to each other, a reciprocating field arises of a highly coherent and progressive nature. When unconditional love is cast between practitioners using dynamic intentions, the love states they can reach together also increase very dynamically. This type of psychic reciprocation forms a group mind of high love that can increase exponentially. This is especially true between male and female practitioners, due to the natural law of polarity. There are two major considerations involved with “raising” others, (elevating their consciousness). Self knowledge, especially in terms of one's body-wide state, is required. The term “body-wide state” (“state”) refers to all the feelings that are in the practitioners' entire body. These must be known by holding them in one's awareness in subtle detail. Meditation is particularly useful for accomplishing this. By knowing your own state, you can also know any other persons' state, by feeling it. You can't give what you don't currently have. Specifically, you can't send love if you aren't currently in a love state. The higher, stronger and more energetic the practitioners' state of love is, the more powerful their raising of others will be. It is necessary then to cultivate love inside yourself, (intending it into place by degrees) in order to successfully send it to others. Let us say that practitioner “A” and “B” meet in a private place, for the purpose of, “raising each other through love”. Both prepare for this act of power by gaining a meditatively calm and focused body/mind. Both will likely want to draw and store chi bodywide, so as to take effective psychic action. A begins by casting love to B. B's state is slightly elevated. From this elevated position, B casts love back to A. A's state is then raised not only by B's basic intent, but by their own raising intention being re-channeled back to them. A's raised state is now in an even higher state of love, which is sent back to B again, with a psychic effect that is stronger than before. B is raised even further, both by A's intention and by their own raising intent being sent back to them. B's state is raised further still, allowing them to raise A with additional effect. This back and forth reciprocation will, if pursued with unbending intention, become extremely dynamic and high. Even ten minutes of progressive, mutually dynamic intention along these lines, will enable the two to “travel” into very elevated states of consciousness together. Such “travelers” of consciousness will note, that certain “:thresholds” of gain present themselves. If practitioners have sufficient personal power, they will be able to cross these thresholds, great and small, in order to gain significant spiritual power. “Power” in this context is defined simply as, “the ability to take action”. Such action may include sending love to others or even the entire world as a whole. If a third practitioner is added to this mutual casting of love, the group level of consciousness is elevated further. A fourth practitioner will elevate the group vibration much further still, and all according to the natural law of synergy as follows; “the consciousness of a group mind is geometrically greater than the sum of its' parts”. Of course, the basic requirement for competent group action remains self knowledge, and the ability to raise ones' own state. These are learned skills gained by degrees. "Inspirational"; Goa 2012 Fractal Progression
  13. Jeff; What you are describing as "casting" at a chakra level is what I would call a mind level transmission. In later stages of development, the chakra system collapses into sort of a "unified field". As the field grows, it is often called a light body. The later stages of the light body allow for light transmisissions or directly sharing presence in oneness. IW; This “unified field” of chakras you speak of sounds intuitively correct. I assume this implies that the energy centers amalgamate into a common field, as opposed to being just localized spheres. This makes sense especially in the context of the practitioner gaining greater levels of proficiency. As their practice gains sophistication and they synthesize/amalgamate their life experiences, one might expect that their energy body would reflect this process. The light body...yes, sounds like a useful term. Jeff; In your casting, do you sort of directly "go to" the person recieving the casting? Or, do you (and group) sort of give the intent up into God/consciousness and then let it unfold? IW; Generally speaking, I and others have been “going to” or in other words, psychically aligning with any such person or area, and then rendering the desired effects via intention. On more rare occasions I have also aligned with, “God/the intent at large” and intended that Its' intent be manifest. A subtle awareness of the feelings which run throughout the body, are dependable indicators of both the initial contact and the degree of success in the casting/transmission. Repeated castings render cumulative effect. When you speak of “clarity” can you describe this quality of consciousness in greater detail? I've described it as a, “greater cohesiveness of awareness to the point of more clear perception”. It can be increased by cumulative degrees, both within the self and in any desired “target”. The method I/we use to increase clarity is meditation/contemplation upon, “awareness of awareness”. (A/A=C, whereas, “A” is awareness and “C” is clarity)
  14. The Expansion of Consciousness

    Greetins Ghost Cat/seth Ananda, From what I saw, this "Hermetics and Occult" area seemed appropriate, as opposed to the "general" area which might include anything at all. I consider such information as the composition of consciousness, intention, awareness and energy, (chi) to be essential for all occult understanding. Self knowledge, the nature of that which is called "God", and so forth, can easily be classified as occult subjects, especially the former, (self knowledge) which many would argue is the basis for all magical and spiritual practice. I also thought that such a foundation, (this post) would be useful then as a basis for more specific discussion of occult practices. Jetsun, I can safely say from experience that there are such a things as "levels and varieties of consciousness". To clarify would be to say that although the essence of consciousness (intent awareness and energy) remains the same, it can manifest in many forms and levels. To give an example of "levels" of consciousness, compare the state of a Buddha or Christ to that of a person who ponders only their tiny self concerns. Compare states of great awareness where the practitioner directly understands, (cognizes, gnosticism) the truth of themselves and life in general, to a state of despairing ego and personal worries. Consciousness can be expanded, just as it can be more greatly realized.
  15. Brother Jeff, Your post on gnostic "transmission" is truly fascinating to me for a few reasons. First, I never heard of it before. Second, this is the sort of thing I've been doing and advocating for many years. My word for "transmission" through any of the various chakras is "casting". Of particular interest is, "transmitting" to one another, and in tandem as a "group mind", using such spiritual intentions as you describe above. The transmission of clarity....amazing, I never thought to hear anyone else say such a thing, let alone that it is an existing, recognized practice. I will certainly be studying whatever links/resources you may quote on this subject with avid interest! It would be most agreeable to discuss the details of these practices...