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  1. Dots

    That shit place looks like a war zone. We need black hawks for the job. That's the language known as cyber English in my humble opinion or in my opinion. 8) With Metta, Harry Pain
  2. I think it is in verse 27 :roll: With Metta, Harry Pain
  3. Ron...

  4. Ron...

    Hello, You wrote: One thing for sure is that you are a good partner to have in times of war. You never leave or betray your friends. Well, Winn is not too bad either. At least he blew the whistle on Master Chia that he is actually teaching Tibetan phowa for his Kan and Li. If he had not blown that important whistle, I could be sitting in the bardo or North Star right now and missing my chance at awakening. Just my 2 bahts which cost 0.06 cents now instead of the usual 0.05 cents. With Metta, Harry Pain
  5. Nine Step Bottled Wind Practice

    Sorry. This is the link I intended: http://www.aliveandhealthy.com/index.html Fill in your name and e-mail and get the free e-book on Meditation Inward Journey With Metta, Harry Pain (ps: the URL has been edited)
  6. Nine Step Bottled Wind Practice

    More resource on breathing can be found here: http://www.aliveandhealthy.com/breathing.html With Metta, Harry Pain
  7. I thought this was copied from Lao Tzu's Tao Te Ching. :roll: With Metta Harry Pain
  8. Women: You can't live with them,.....

    Brother, Try this meditation. It may help saving the life force. I think it is good for WSM too! Warning: Don't open for those with small stomachs :twisted: http://www.geocities.com/~madg/gangessangh.../Death.html#top With Metta, Harry Pain :roll:

  10. question about bone density

    If I remember correctly for bone marrow neigong to be effective, one has to lift at least 75 lbs of weights with the balls to produce enough jing to be hammered into the bones! This in my opinion is dangerous too. With Metta, Harry Pain