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  1. Chinese Magic

    Hello everyone, I know we haven't been around for a while, but I wanted to let any interested parties know that we have been updating and renovating our public access sites. Nowadays we are focusing exclusively on magical studies, so if you are interested in Chinese magic, come give this video a look. It is an in-depth look at how FU talismans are made : If you happen to speak Cantonese, here is another version: For a lot more in-depth explanations about how magic works, this is the Youtube channel for our lineage: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCYMcTN3A930mbpwNZCPL8gw And the blog: http://ancientchinesemagic.blogspot.com/ Come on over and watch, and feel free to ask questions. You will get a much faster response if you post them on the Youtube videos, but I will do what I can to answer here if you post things. Thanks for reading!
  2. Tin Yat Taoism

    HAHAHAHAHA! I don't have that kind of time, and it would be unnecessarily repetitive. Check out http://www.taoleaks.org for most of it, or ask if you have a specific question.
  3. Tin Yat Taoism

    zanshin - we don't have any partiicular religious calendar observances. We usually do whatever is related to the culture we live in, minus any religious stuff. For example, I always see my family around xmas, but I don't go to church with any of them. Aaron - 'slander' is verbal, you probably meant 'libel'? Regardless, for a statement to be either, it has to be false. Anything he's stated as a fact over there, has been researched and can be backed by evidence. If you're just referring tot he coarse language, well...maybe that's not the board for you.
  4. Tin Yat Taoism

    it's hard to explain it without going into extremely long-winded and sleep-inducing detail. The short version would be that, if I were going through all the crap that Mak Jo Si has had thrown at him over the past few years, I'd probably be far shorter-tempered than he is. I know all of the people from TY that are posting on that board, and I know them from more than just the pissed-off angle. I think they're just having a bit of entertainment at the expense of a sock puppet over there.
  5. Tin Yat Taoism

    They're having a bit of fun over there playing with the uncensored environment. In fairness, the guy they're yelling at had been spamming Mak Jo Si's blog with all sorts of crap, so a bit of frustration is being vented. If swearing bothers you, probably better stick to this board
  6. Tin Yat Taoism

    Nope, not in our purview. It's no better than the other way around, but that's for yin realm people to deal with. Not much we can do about it. And on the other question - it's not relevant to the concept of exorcism, because the faat energy isn't from earth, so our atmosphere doesn't change it. Here's a couple of other vids Mak Jo Si did on the relevant topics: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uBmNXDAi3bg http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E3CBwyFsbwQ
  7. Mak Tin Si the Taoist Master is back and gone again

    HA! thanks for the fix!
  8. TaoMeow on Coffee

    Starbucks. http://obiwannabe.tumblr.com/post/58258105543
  9. Mak Tin Si the Taoist Master is back and gone again

    Ok I give up, I cant figure out how to change it. Am I too new to access it or something?
  10. Tin Yat Taoism

    Oh, and if you would like a somewhat more in-depth explanation, check this out: http://ezinearticles.com/?Taoist-Magic-Power-Is-Not-Chi&id=7289247
  11. Tin Yat Taoism

    Breathing practices...depends on what you're practicing I should clear up a few definitions before I proceed. As I understand it, many schools perceive 'pre-heaven chi' as hormones, or genetic predispoition, that sort of thing. Pre-heaven chi, in our view, is a bit more complicated - it's the stuff that comes from outside the physical world as we see it. 'Post-heaven chi' is, of course, food and air, the stuff you take in physically after birth. We're on the same page there. For the cultivation of Taoist magic, we devlop our ability to tap into 'faat', which is a form of pre-heaven energy. Simply put, it's a pure energy source accessed from the Celestial Realm, made available to official members of the lineage. We access this through the use of spells - handsigns, fu, activated weapons, and the like. Our level of access is determined by a lot of factors - regular use of the magics, cultivation, adherence to our protocols - but this is not cultivated through breathing practices, because it comes from an extra-physical source. It's something we devlop through intention and use. Pre-heaven energies can also be drawn from outside of the earth - planetary energies, that sort of thing. But, our bodies aren't really designed to handle that without a proper filter in place, so it's not a good thing to do. It's like trying to breathe water - fine for fish, not so good for us. For post-heaven chi - most of us practice chi kung, but it isn't a requirement. Anyone of any religion can practice chi kung, so we don't think of it as a 'Taoist' practice in the religious sense. Meaning, it's good and it's encouraged, but you don't have to practice chi kung to be a Tin Yat Taoist. We aren't blazing new ground there, it's a lot of 'try it and see what works', you know how that goes. One breathing pattern that we do use a lot, we call it 'real chi breathing', is to inhale for four seconds, hold for one second, exhale for six seconds. We use this to blend and circulate chi.
  12. Mak Tin Si the Taoist Master is back and gone again

    Holy crap, I did not! Thanks!
  13. TaoMeow on Coffee

    One thing I like about the 'cold brew' method is that when you add water to dilute the concentrate, you can use hot or cold. I mostly drink mine hot, and cold brewing is the only way I like it cold - the low-temp steeping prevents a lot of the more bitter volatile oils from making their way into the liquid.
  14. Tin Yat Taoism

    As I understand it, yes. Important to note that it's not quite the same as yang or yin from a medical perspective. The way we define our terminology, we humans and everything we interact with exist in the 'yang' realm, for which there is a 'yin' opposite. This is the source of most of the negative spiritual things we describe. They are an improper yin intrusion into the yang realm, and by their presence they directly and indirectly cause all sorts of problems. So, yeah - it's yang expelling yin, to return to proper balance.
  15. Mak Tin Si the Taoist Master is back and gone again

    I like 'Grand Poobah' myself, but I havent convinced anyone else to refer to me as such. maybe I need a nametag.