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  1. It is not about Quantity, is about Quality. You do not want your practice to become a completion task. We become what we practice.
  2. how does one reach enlightenment?

    Let go and let God.
  3. Yes it is right. I haven’t been in this group yet. Yes, I am busy and also I would like to be a resource and help people on their path. In light, Dr. D
  4. Pick the one that make your heart sing. Do not get involve in religion (politic). In the higher stages of training we all do almost the same thing we just use different correlation, this correlation are cultural base. In the mean time do the right thing because is right. Hope you find the path that make your heart sing and you can touch many souls. In light,
  5. Form my teacher: Senior Abbot Jerry Alan Johnson "The Chinese word “Xing” often refers to specific types of “deeds” or “activities,” while “Gong” refers to one’s “merit.” Both of these terms relate to the term “Karma” (“Yuan”). All actions are essentially seeds for karmic reaction, and they collect within an individual’s Spirit Body waiting to sprout. Once these karmic seeds begin to sprout, their energetic course becomes predestined. As these karmic seeds mature, they begin to produce fruit, which filters into the individual’s Energy Body. This karma then induces the individual’s Energy Body to influence his Physical Body, and places him/her in the proper place and time to experience either the pleasant or unpleasant results of his or her past actions. This is why in ancient China, the merit and virtue of helping just one person obtain immortality was considered incalculable. The spiritual benefits not only applied to the individual in this lifetime, but it also extended for nine previous generations, and nine generations to come." Hope this help.
  6. Dreaming about color and chakras...

    It sound to me that it has to be more with the Kidneys that with the Throat Chakra. Kidneys Shadow Channel: Fear, Insecurity, Loneliness Kidneys Channel: Clear Perspective, Ancestry, Wisdom Let me know if this help. In light,
  7. Countermeasures after eye surgery

    Get her to a Qigong Doctor. If the problem is energetic it will be able to help.
  8. Fasting

    How long are you planing to fast?
  9. These teachings are a combination of esoteric traditions and were traditionally practiced to free the physical, energetic and spiritual body from crystallize emotion in the body and transform that energy to move you forward in your path. This special workshop includes secret esoteric teachings from Daoism & Buddhism. This workshop will include both lecture and hands on application. The total cost of the three day workshop is $600.00. Payment includes a booklet of handouts and a certificate presented from the Internal Alchemy Institute to all individuals who complete the workshop training. A non-refundable registration fee of $200.00 is required to hold each applicants place, with the remaining balance ($400.00) being paid before May 2nd, 2014. When you choose to gift yourself with this experience, you are choosing to: Experience more positive daily shifts. Create healthy and sustainable new patterns. Maintain more balance in your life. Navigate life’s challenges with a peaceful heart. Gain insight and clarity into seemingly uncontrolled thoughts and behaviors. For more information: Call: (831) 204-8014 or Email: [email protected]
  10. Dangers of acupunture?

    Originally the cup were left on untie they fall off. The ring color after depend in the condition, a person train in cupping therapy will be able to read and prescribe homework. If the color and bruises stay for more the 3 day most likely the practitioner didn't reconnect the meridians.
  11. Dangers of acupunture?

    Acupuncture is excellent. The only danger is an untrained professional. Research before you start course of treatment. In light,
  12. http://daoistmagic.com/daoist-training/
  13. Loving my flaws, gratitude for the broken...

    Here is a great gratitude practice http://goo.gl/1yoQr9
  14. Sinking Qi and Dark Feelings

    Meditation and prayers.