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  1. What are you listening to?

    Soilwork - The Living infinite
  2. Pulsing at the top of my head?

    That's awesome! I fast about 16-20 hours a day. How'd you make it with a half glass of water? I always am drinking something can't stand going without something to drink while awake for more than 3 hours ha.
  3. Pulsing at the top of my head?

    sometimes yes,I do feel pulsing in my hands and feet. A definite yes to the strong heat in my lower tan'tien and, a no to the pushing hands apart either that or I am not paying close enough attention haha,
  4. Exactly as the topic reads. I've been practicing Spring Forest Qigong consistently since about march and every now and then I get this pulsing feeling at the center of the top of my head. Anybody know what this is? It tends to feel really good though as my body tends to feel like its been overrun with energy and I get the feeling that I am high. However it's now been going on since about 3 am and it doesn't seem like it's going to stop lol.
  5. Hai Hai

    Hello and welcome to the forums Prodigal Knight. I did a lot of lurking before joining here too.
  6. Hi

    Welcome to the forums jtp!
  7. Hello from another Newbie

    Hello, and welcome to the forums Gene!
  8. Hello all

    Welcome to the forums Taiwabbit! It's good to hear about your results.
  9. How I ended up here

    This quest all began back when I was having back problems in May 2012, just agonizing back pain from my mattress so instead of looking for a new mattress, I learned about the Spring forest Qi-gong healingfest being offered by Learning Strategies. It took a few sessions but the pain in my back mostly went away. I did end up buying a new mattress anyway though. So a lil while after doing this I practiced off and on until I got encouragement to start practicing consistently. It wasn't until this that I had gained an interest in Taoist philosophy and started searching up for stories on higher levels of SFQ where I had found Pythagoreanfulllotus on the subject of level 3 and 4 classes. Other than that I am here to read up on more Taoist philosophy and continue my practice of Qigong!