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  1. Hello all, I have a question. Until recently I have thought that a kundalini awakening is a different thing than someone having a spiritual awakening. My understanding is that a spiritual awakening is a sort of clarity that comest to the mind where you understand and experience your true nature. It could come after doing some sort of meditative practice or a practice like self-inquiry. Or, in yet other cases, it can just happen. My understanding of a kundalini awakening is some sort energetic thing where energy runs up the spine. It can effect people emotionally, sometimes negatively. Lately I have been listening to many of the Budha at the Gas Pump interviews. And what I have noticed is that while there are definitely many people who either have one or the other, there also seem to be more than a few people who talk about them interchangeably as if they were connected or in some cases one in the same thing. To me, they sound like two very different things. Especially since there seem to be many people who have had an awakening but make no mention of kundalini. So I'm a little confused. Can you spiritually educated people bring some light to this for me?
  2. Emotion driven thought

    Please forgive me if this topic isn't in the appropriate forum page. Before coming to this site, I thought I had my mind pretty much worked out and applied belief management exercises to good effect to make changes in my life. It's still a work in progress. However, after reading all the comments from people and looking at energy blockages and how they effect different emotions in our body, I've come to wonder whether sometimes the emotion comes first. I know that thoughts can drive emotions. Boss gets angry at you, you feel angry back. A thought has activated that emotion. However, often times I notice emotions come for no apparent reason. I also notice that throughout the day a thought might pop into my head about an ex-girfriend or something and that is accompanied by a temporary ping of sadness or depression. Now I am wondering if that ping of depression actually came first, and because of long associations with thoughts, I instantly activate the thought of the Ex (for example). Emotion brought the thought because they have been fused together for so long. In this case, could the ping of depression be in fact an energy blockage or something? I think we all feel certain emotions at certain parts of our body. Reading someone's post on this forum about 100 days of Jing retention, the poster indicates how important it is to have your mind under control before attempting anything like that (100 days of retention). Just purely out of interest, I have been practicing Jing retention for just 3 days. But already I notice an increased about of frustration, depression, irritability etc. I have tried something like that before. The end results were not positive and the lesson I learned was that sexual energy needs to be released frequently to quiet the mind. However, now I am beginning to see through this forum how it could just be energy channels. You release jing and the energy flow stops there. Retain it and energy build up flows to another area where there could be a blockage, which activates an emotion, which activates distressing thoughts. At which case you could either think it is too much junk to handle and go and release yourself. Or you could deal with that blockage and try and/or try to disassociate the feeling with the thought. And hopefully allow that energy to pass through. Sorry for the super long post. Just amazed at how much more there is to learn about life than I had currently been thinking thanks to the new views you guys have opened me up to. I am wondering if I am on the right track with these ideas or if I have got it completely wrong. I am new to energy pathways and blockages etc. Havent read any books. Just reading posts from this forum.
  3. Achieving Sing in Spine

    Oh "Sung", ok noted. Yes Chang that is exactly right. You must be onto it cause it wasn't until recently that a new wing chun instructor told me how important it is to pull the chin in to help raise the top of the head and I think raise the spine. Yeah, in movement is the ultimate goal I think. The other thing have Sung is supposed to do (I am told) is open the shoulder joints. Hey Zhang - will experiment with ankles. We dont necessarily have to have the toes pointing in WC. Sometimes I practice with feet parellel. Seeker of Self: I haven't been diligent enough in practicing meditation, but on the times where I have before practicing I have noticed improved ability to guide my arm motions with mind so that the arm almost feels like it is moving on its own. I guess the meditation must quiet the mind and relax the body. Ive been meaning to get into a routine of sitting mediation before practice to enhance this effect. On the few times I have tried to apply it to standing practice, it wasnt as effective, but then again I haven't been consistent so will revisit this.
  4. Hello from NZ

    Yay ! Fellow kiwi!
  5. Achieving Sing in Spine

    Hey guys, I do a style of Wing Chun that places enormous importance on achieving sing in the spine. This apparently feels like an expansion in the spine or expansion between each vertibrae. Apparently an internal contraction near the anus is also required although it is not supposed to result in any physical muscular tension. The prescribed way to achieve this is hours and hours of standing practice. Imagining that the spine is being pulled up while letting your muscles hang relaxed. Its a state that apparently you will know when you have it. And things really get going in your training once you have got it. I am wondering if anyone has achieved this and how they got there. Also if there is a streamline approach. I know a family member who is a yoga instructor who says she has it and it took her years to get. I also heard from another yoga teacher that what I described sounded like kundalini activation. Any help would be greatly appreciated. It's a hard journey and I am never quite sure if I am practicing right or if there is a more efficient way to get there. Thanks!
  6. Hahaha undies able effects = undesirable effects
  7. In my youth I smoked a lot. Since returning to my home country, and meeting old friends, I've had a few sessions with friends. Almost always with undies able effects. E.g. 1. Intense coldness. I shiver. No amount of clothing appears to be enough. Need to turn the car aircon up really high. 2. Eventual fixation on sex that I can not seem to shake. This eventuates in a need to withdraw from friends and a reason for not being able to focus on what is being talked about. So for these reasons, I have refrained from offers to smoke in recent years. I've just come to the conclusion that it doesn't suit my body anymore.
  8. Hello Fellow Lovers of the Tao

    The tingling in the hand is something that is meant to be a good sign in wing chun and the beginning of something special. I haven't got that yet. Im just saying from a win chun perspective you would be on the right track.
  9. When I read the title of the post I thought you might be referring to wing chun, one of the arts I do. As the Chinese characters for wing chun means eternal spring (詠春).
  10. Hello everyone

    Going to have to check the Mantak Chia guy out!
  11. Hello from NZ

    Thanks T, Yeah it certainly is a journey and quite a frustrating one at times.
  12. Hello from NZ

    Hello all, Kiora! Thought I would introduce myself to the forum. My primary interest is martial arts especially the internal styles. I am currently practicing a type of Wing Chun that places a huge emphasis on achieving a certain state of having a raised spine or a feeling of expansion between each vertibrae Ive heard this described as achieving "sing". A yoga teacher I met said that she has this feeling in her spine which makes yoga much more enjoyable. I was also told by another yoga teacher (I dont do yoga, it just happens that I know a couple of teachers) about the kundalini. Another aspect of the art I do (although it is to be achieved at a much later staged) is the driving of motion with the mind. Anyways after searching the net extensively, this seemed to be the forum that talks about these types of subjects extensively so thought I would join in. Other secondary but important priorities for me include having more energy (often feel quite drained especially in the afternoon despite various diet changes etc). Also more control over my sex drive which often seems to control me. So yeah, look forward to talking with you all. Reading over the KAP course description I felt quite intrigued. However, not sure I can justify the cost at this stage. See ya!