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  1. When John Chang says....

    Thankyou Jascha. I have posted this below just for refference sakes, Page 134 Of Neikung,Kosta Danaos says.... "For example in the mopai system, if a student were to practice only level 1 seated meditation, without engaging in a method to balance out the Chi, The Yang Chi would eventually gather together and harden in the lower belly of its own accord. Effectively preventing the practitioner from advancing any farther then level 1". End of Quote, Vince.
  2. When John Chang says....

    Hi More Pie Guy, Im not trying to shoot you down here. But in the Neikung Book, in the section on training, Kosta mentions that if one does not practice some form of standing meditation, then the qi will become hard in the dantian,making it impossible to pass even level one. But i have heard many stories, and jim mcmillan being just one, about students who passed level one without any standing practice. What is your take on this. There could be many more misconceptions in those books. Just a thought, Vince.
  3. I would like to ask if the great master wang liping is vegetarian ? Does the Longmen Pai have anything to say about eating meat ,karma & rencarantion. These questions are very important to me. It would mean the world if any students could help. For some reason i just cannot stand to kill anything or see any violence towards another creature. Its really starting to affect my life, Any help would be greatly appreciated taobums. Thank you Kindly, Vince
  4. Talismans?

    Lots of free taoist magic here
  5. What became of Qigong Master Yan Xin?

    George Bush Snr called Yan Xin the Worlds Greatest Healer. I understand he also fasted and went without food for over 7 years.
  6. Hi From Vince

    Hi this is vince, I have practiced qigong and martial arts for over 25 years and just found this awesome forum. Hoping to learn a few things and have some questions answered. Regards, Vince