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  1. Lower Dantien Heat and Pain, Please Help!

    That's a good advice. Practicing qigong without a teacher can be harmful. Also, make sure that a teacher has a good background and at least some lineage (i.e. had a teacher too).
  2. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    Ok, thank you for the videos. I have a lot of questions regarding them (for example, on the first video the guy doesn't use Taiji in fight, so he doesn't practice Taiji for fighting skills), but I simply don't want to proceed with this debate. BTW, I agree that Chen and Zhao Bao are more "martial" than modern Yang.
  3. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    Is there any video (except stagings) that shows how Taiji can be successfully applied against boxing/kickboxing/MMA/BJJ/Muai Thay?
  4. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    Hi Andrei, I know of all these trainings, but have you seen any real fight of a Taiji master with a boxer/kick-boxer? The videos you provided show staged scenes.
  5. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    Hi ChiDragon, That depends on what is "the art itself" in your understanding. Yang Luchan's Taiji was a martial art, that's totally true. Modern Yang is not. Both are called "Yang style Taiji Quan", but they are simply different things. Sure, one can hurt an untrained partner, especially a lady. But that doesn't make Taiji a martial art. Applying these skills in a real fight is way different. A lot of people telling that 'their' Taiji is a martial art, but none can prove it, i.e. show real fighting skills with a real partner that can fight (a boxer or kick-boxer or someone similar).
  6. Yes, Quanzhen is known for uniting the ideas of Daoism, Buddhism and Confucianism, so one needs to know all these teachings to understand Quanzhen tradition. Also, thanks for the translation.
  7. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    That doesn't matter. Boxers can fight without their gloves. Taiji teachers (most of them) can't fight with or without gloves. And those few who can got their fighting skills from their past experience, not from Taiji Quan practice. Just ask any Taiji teacher to demonstrate his fighting skills, and you'll hear that "it's too dangerous" or something like this. The truth is Taiji teachers don't fight, and modern Taiji Quan is not a martial art.
  8. Tai Chi 4 Martial Art

    Taiji Quan was originally created as a martial art. Yang Luchan was a great fighter, and many other masters as well. But that was too long ago. Nowadays, you'll hardly find a Taiji Quan teacher that can beat an average boxer. That's why most of the teachers don't like to demonstrate their fighting skills: they simply can't fight.
  9. About strength training in Traditional Wushu

    So you mean that Xiao Gongzhuo or Zhao Bin was practicing Kuaijia?
  10. What are you listening to?

    Life is a sad thing sometimes. We need music for joy and music for sadness.
  11. About strength training in Traditional Wushu

    Thanks for the answer. I'm asking because on your site you provide the following lineage: And I doubt there is a Fast frame in both branches. So I am interested which Fast frame you may practice?
  12. About strength training in Traditional Wushu

    Thanks for the answer. Could you please also tell is it Yang Banhou frame? If now, what kind of frame is it?
  13. What are you listening to?

    Alizbar (Celtic harp)
  14. About strength training in Traditional Wushu

    Hi Vitalii, Do you practice any form of Fast frame yourself?
  15. What are you listening to?

    Ensenhas (medieval music)