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  1. Hello, Well where do I start!? I flew over to China at the end of Feb this year having watched the videos on youtube of Jiang Shifu and seeing Grady's advertisement for the seminar online. I've practiced Chinese martial arts on and off since my early teens (more offs than ons!) having done most of my training in Taiji forms. I've also done a tiny bit of breathing and meditation during that time but as I've gotten older my interest and personal understanding in energy has become a big influence on my way of life and thinking. Many people thought I was a nutter going to central China to meet someone I'd met on a forum online to pay a few thousand dollars to start learning something I'd seen in a video on youtube. Who knows if they are for real? What might happen to me? Well, an inspiring, life-affirming, thought-changing, true friend-making, health changing, "electric-like" () experience is what I brought home with me. I got what I went for and a hell of a lot more. The displays of "Fa Gong" were incredible. I can't add much more to what has already been said but it's not everyday you see/ feel this kind of power. The experiences I did not expect were the empowerment and a demonstration given by Jiang Shifu. These left me speechless to say the least. Another huge highlight of this trip was the medicine. Watching the diagnosis and the treatment of so many patients was unreal. The medicine I took seemed to have an incredible effect on my body. If you ever attend these seminars, I cannot stress how important it is that you take the medicine recommended if you need it. Expensive? Maybe, depending on your view. Personally I think nothing on this trip was expensive relative to what it is. It was such an honour to attend the opening of the hospital. I felt that I was witnessing the start of something truly special in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Along with my friends representing America and Canada. Jiang Shifu has got to be one of the most inspiring, incredible people in the world. Immense power driven by nothing but compassion. What a dream for him and this family to realize. I thank him for his kindness, his patience, and humility. A truly awe-inspiring master. I wish him all the best in the running of the hospital and hope to meet him and the family in the Yellow Mountains again soon. Of course, none of this was possible without the wonderful Grady. Reliable, straight forward, kind. Grady is an excellent teacher. The "risk" I took in going over to China is nothing compared to the sacrifice he has made to pursue this knowledge in a land so far from his home. In my opinion, you will not get this knowledge anywhere else in the English language, in a western format, for such a reasonable amount of money. You just won't. Thank you Grady for everything you have done and are continuing to do. I didn't think I would make such good friends during the trip and have so much banter. Grady and the boys have known each other for years but took me in and treated me like a younger brother. From Mangoes to medicine. I will never forget ten of the most amazing days of my life. And I hope to return again soon. I hope this helps with some insight into the China seminars. Much Love x
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    Hi, Pleased to meet you all! New member on here and I'm trying to get onto a particular thread to share my experience on a seminar I attended earlier this year in China. Can I just reply to this thread a few times? Thanks