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  1. Extraordinary meridian "divergent branches"?

    Vortex, in answer to your question about how the extra points connect in with the meridians, I can give an answer about Anmian on the bottom of the heel. Anmian, by the way, means peaceful sleep. My understanding with this point is that it is where the Yin Qiao and Yang Qiao meridians connect, perhaps even source from deep inside this point. Yin Qiao and Yang Qiao meridians are used (in part) for diurnal (day vs. night) patterns. I use this acupoint for helping improve emotions and/or sleep when the person's energy (spirit, Yang Qi, etc.) is rising up into the head preventing being grounded, and preventing sleep.
  2. Extraordinary meridian "divergent branches"?

    Hi Rainbowvein, I've been offline a few days, and just saw your comment. For me, when I do this, it does physically open the occiput, however it doesn't feel like an energetic opening in the occiput specifically. It feels more like a third eye and sinuses opening, if we're talking about an energetic opening. The way it all happened was first there was a Yin Qiao opening, which extended out through Kidney-1 acupoint, and extended up through Du-20 at the vertex of the head. After a few months, there was the Ren meridian opening that I mentioned, and then a few weeks after that, the circuit in the head opened up. I can definitely echo Hydrogen, in a comment above: I'm not an expert (by far) and I don't have a teacher in this. I would like to be able to use this information with my patients, however, and for me to find a teacher in this would probably be a good idea. Thanks joeblast, hydrogen and rainbowvein for the reflections!
  3. Free: Two free Kindle Books on Tao

    Just downloaded these, and I look forward to reading them. Thank you so much!
  4. hi

    Welcome Dan! I'm new too. Enjoy the forum!
  5. Are there accidents?

    I'm going to just give a thumbs up to effilang on that last comment. Very well stated.
  6. nei kung

    Hi Faceless_One, I've personally had a lot of benefit training in Jerry Alan Johnson's system of qi gong (qi gong = nei kung). He is very open with his information which I really appreciate. He has a DVD video that is very good for beginners called Chi Kung: The Healing Workout. You can find it on Amazon, and lots of other places as well. There are many teachers and many different systems. The most important thing is to find a teacher and a system that you resonate with. Our body has strong natural healing abilities. If you find a system you resonate with, healing is sure to happen. Best of luck to you!
  7. Hello travelers.

    Welcome, Lightchild! I'm new here too. It's a friendly and very helpful place. Enjoy!
  8. Extraordinary meridian "divergent branches"?

    Yeah, the name for Xiao Yao Wan comes from Xiao Yao You, the title of the 1st chapter of Zhuang Zi. The formula helps create the physical and energetic requirements for the state of mind of Xiao Yao You ~ "free and easy wandering". I love the formula and the state of mind. With the popping you mention, it sounds similar to what I experienced -- it felt somewhat like I had been punched in the nose, this kind of intense feeling in the sinuses under Yintang. It felt like it needed to come in and back into the line of the taiji pole, and when I did that, the circle of energy going around to Du-16 and Du-20 started. Thanks for commenting, dmattwads!
  9. Hi Taobums Community ~ I was wondering if anyone out there has experienced this or heard about it... In my qigong practice, I’ve been working with postural daoyin training working with rooting into the earth and allowing the free-flow of Qi through my body, & exploring optimal balance of my structure (physically and energetically). I’ve been working a lot also with beating and drumming the Qi, and also the microcosmic orbit. The two experiences that I’m wondering if anyone has heard about (I’m an acupuncturist and this isn't really the way the Ren and Du meridians are described in the textbooks... well, the Du meridian is, somewhat, but not exactly in this way): Focusing on the area above the perineum causes the Ren meridian to light up along the surface of the body. If I then focus on the area above the perineum and fill it with energy, the Ren meridian will go in an arc upward, from area just above the perineum out away from the body in a half circle, pouring into the third eye, filling the upper dantien with energy. In wuji posture, if I pull my head back a little while looking slightly down, so that my sinuses move into the field of the taiji pole (I’ve been a student of Jerry Alan Johnson’s system, and he talks of the taiji pole… not sure if it’s in other systems), and if I focus on stretching Du-16, it will create a circle of energy that runs from Du-20 (the vertex of the head) through the sinuses, back to Du-16 (where neck meets occiput) and back up to Du-20, circling around and around, filling the upper dantien with energy. Curious if anyone knows about this… These things are not in my textbooks and my qigong teacher didn’t seem to know much about it either. Maybe it’s just the way my energy is shifting as I explore my own healing process, but I’m wondering if anyone else has heard of these things. Please share if you have experienced this, or if you’ve heard of this ~ perhaps a qigong system or teacher talks about this? Thanks so much everyone!
  10. New,

    Hi Yellowsky, Welcome! I'm new here too, but appreciating the great discussions. Enjoy!
  11. I'a newbie here. I been looking a a spiritual group.

    Welcome to the forum, Greendog! I'm new too, but this seems to be a helpful and supportive community. Enjoy!
  12. Hello, I'm new and I have a question, too

    That slideshow is really helpful. I have that book on my Kindle, and the Kindle books are a little bit more difficult for me to wrap my head around, for some reason. I like to see how far I'm in the book, and randomly flip through pages for context, and it's not easy to do that with the Kindle. So the slideshow is great. Thank you!
  13. Hello, I'm new and I have a question, too

    dmattwads, that's great, it's so nice to meet you! Cheya ~ WOW my eyes are popping out reading those reviews, especially when it mentions the quote by Zhang Ziyang (a.k.a. Zhang Bo Duan, who Li Shi Zhen referenced in his 8 extras book)... The reviewers are also accomplished qigong practitioners/masters. It looks like it will be a really good book. I *really* hope it goes beyond Master-Couple points... I think I'll have to go ahead and pre-order it. Come on July!
  14. Free: Two free Kindle Books on Tao

    This looks fantastic, thanks so much for sharing! I look forward to Saturday...