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  1. I really tried to figure it out. I have been talking with Jez about skrinking them with photo and then by making sure the dimensions read or are under 100 x 100. Maybe just give it time to 'catch up' with the whole thing? Cornfused. . . Lillian [[attached is the pic I tried to change it to]] and also the one I was trying to get Jez to change hers to.
  2. Mostly out

    Thanks, Cameron. I'll check in from time to time too, but I don't have such leniancy with my job. Just another thing about miss congeniality, she's got it goin' on. (ha ha, Jez) It's really hard to see mom (or if I were Jez, I'd say 'mother') that way, and sis is just like a rock with that stuff. She keeps her emotions in check 24-7 it seems like. Well, I take that back. The weapon and combat intensives we do can get pretty frickin' emotional. But that's just a way to get out pressure, stress, and to balance our overhappiness at times. But the gist of it is that our mom hasn't been taking care of herself and now her body is demanding she take some time to rest. Her little heart and lungs just said " that's it, lady...we are quitting until you treat us better." I imagine we are going to be working with her and doing some Kan & Li...get her rockin' that and healing in a much more effecient way. Lillian
  3. GWB-Chancellor Palpatine or philosopher?

    ha ha - I just imagined what his face would look like while mid-coitus with one. And then I got more than I had bargained for. The rest of the image ensued. I may never sleep the same again. Lillian
  4. Destiny and Walking in a Circle

    We walk around in a circle and suppose... whilst the secret sits in the middle...and knows.
  5. A friendly hello

    Hi all, I see that I have been involved with some of the posts from my elder kin so I decided to register so I am enabled to give her crap from time to time. A word on friendship Memories explode and relay inside, playing like a movie on the screen of your perception. Perhaps once in a while you see/talk to a person whom you have history with, feeding imagination. Building character. It's a person that you can just talk to and open up all the parts of yourself. Or for some others, a person that you can just walk past and regard with a friendly, good hearted and sincere "hello, how are you?" will suffice. For me, either is enough. Lillian