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[HHC Study] Hua Hu Ching Chapter 23

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Posted 20 November 2013 - 09:13 PM


The highest truth cannot be put into words. Therefore the greatest teacher has nothing to say. He simply gives himself in service, and never worries.


Walker's HHC 23





“Kind Prince, please do not suppose that a universal being imposes any particular religious doctrine on people. If someone says that a universal being sets up a particular religious teaching to transmit the truth, he is ignorant of the Universal Way and does not truly understand what I have said. The most achieved of teachers actually has nothing to say. Although what he teaches may be called the highest truth, the reality can never be put into words.”

  At that time the prince asked the master, “Venerable Teacher, when people hear this truth in the future, will they be able to follow it?”

  “Kind prince, do not worry about whether there will be people to follow it or not. An integral universal being knows that nothing which can be put into words is the integral truth. He does not ask people to follow, his only interest is to serve. He does not indulge in worry, but simply does his work. This is called ‘doing that which is done by not-doing.’”


Ni's HHC 23





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Posted 29 November 2013 - 01:31 AM

To give one's self in service is to recognize that there is no space between one and the other; to realize the connection of one to all; to recognize that to do disservice to another is to disservice to one's self, and vice versa.

Doing by not doing, in this sense, it to knowingly place ones self in alignment with the laws of economy of the Dao; thereby all things are done through the one who has so positioned himself. There is no plan or design necessary. All things will come to the one as they are correctly aligned to come, and they will be returned to the ethers by the workings of the one with no designs.

Integral universal being. No words beyond that.
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