Taoism Exorcism - using FU

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In Taoism, there are many ways to do exorcism. But maybe many of you do not know that Taoism is famous for doing exorcism in the past as well !!! The first celestial master Jeung Dao Ling (220BC) was the one famous for fight off ghosts and demons for the people in China, that is what he got famous for too!


Okay, enough of that.. let's get to the point~!


For all people who are not PRO, we do not expect them to go and do an exorcism ceremony or start doing mantra and stuff when they encounter a haunted place with ghosts. In fact, we require them to first tell us what is the main "cause" of the issue. If it is just some place they went to and will not go back again, then forget about it and just clean up yourself then you will be okay.


1) Clean up yourself

When you go to these haunted place and did see ghosts, you are polluted and affected already, so your health, luck and everything will go down very fast because you are attached to them. To fix the problem, you can request the "bathing FU" and do a cleansing bath, then get a "spray cleansing FU" to spray clean your whole house and of course wash the clothings that you worn to this place with the FU-water mixed in the laundry!


This is the very basic step to get rid of minor problems like "see ghosts" by accident.



to be continued...

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