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Dao the Sacred!

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It was never Born.

Eternal by Nature.

That is hard for the Human Mind to Grasp.

Because we are Species of Perception.

We see things that live and die.

This causes a great psychological impression on us.

Unlock your Mind Set.


In order to overcome this we must learn the Infinite.


Dao is the Spiritual Ocean.

All flow from it,

but few like to Return.

Seems to be the way of things.


Though to Return is to go home.

Really going home is going to the Dao!


Your Original Self is still here.

Even after all these years of Experience.

Cloudy but still here.

Wipe the Mirror clean.

Reflecting is your Truth.


Though your wisdom,

need not be abandoned.

This is a treasure of the Dao.

To be like a child,

with the wisdom of an Immortal.

Subtle truth seems paradoxical.


Here is the essential!

No Material thing can compare to the Dao.


The Dao is the Great Treasure.

Hands Down.

The Nothingness.

What a paradox.

People are thriving for Money.

Attachement of all sorts.

When the Greatest Treasure is right under there nose.

What a paradox.

But Why?


Cause life is a lesson to be learned.

Creation set it up this way.

For us to evolve in to Highly Spiritual Beings.

Most will resist!

Though in the End,

It all gets flushed down the Cosmic Toilet.


More to follow...


Peace and Smiles!

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