Research of stemcells

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It makes sense with taoism and chi gong and so in my opinion (bone marrow chi gong and so)


I understand this is a controversial subject, but then again, what isn't? Coca Cola versus Pepsi Cola for example? :)


I also understand that the possibilities for both good and bad are both big, so maybe timing is key here, where people's should wake up and act morally higher first before doing things in this direction.


But that being said, i think it is very wrong of anyone to put it only in the domain of fear and therefore, or actually thereafter, not even doing anything with it. (i.e. use fear, but use it only senselessly. pointlessly. lame fear. unuseful fear. and on top of that all: too much fear, for too long and therefore/after too strong. on top of on top of, making it not only not useful, but in the end: Make it nothing more than sillyness itself, by itself.)

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