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If I missed your call...(Please call back)

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High Everyone! :)


I was just checking and senting up my voicemail and I got a message

from someone on this site. SORRY, things have been a little,

so you should say, livid for me lately.


I dont have your number in my phone and I would so GLADLY be

willing to speak with you. My voicemail is set up.

If you leave a message, leave your phone # to. Though I should be there

when you call NOW!


I can elucidate any of the Formulas for you and much more(Kundalini,Martial Arts,...etc).

Even if your just looking to talk some Shop about our Friend

"The Dao", I am sure you will be satisfied!


So Call, and Call again!

Anytime you so please!


If your asking yourself why someone would do this?

Its simple, for the Sheer Enchantment that spirituality has to offer!

Also to give back to my fellow explorers of the Dao!




Hope to Hear from You!



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