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Maximology review

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I found that maximology had some very good qi gongs in it and some cool insights.


It starts off with him talking about how the Russian Feds gave him this system, and that they spent millions on it, here and in America: The COld War. He said our stuff (this, I assume) is now better than the Russians (dragondoor?) so anyways...


He starts off showing a spinal qigong saying people dont need chiropractors.


Thats pretty darn true!


Next he shows some more qigongs, some of them were ones where he moves like a "freak show" as Scott is known for. Some of the moves, however, such as the "scorpion" (+variations) the "dog" and the neck roll (although very hard) are very interesting qi gongs.


He stresses movement breathing and mental: the 3 intentful corrections we all know and love, its called qigong, bro!


He starts dissing water saying how we CANT move as it, but in reality this is a flawed way of thinking I believe, gotta remember there is vapor and ice too...not all water is wet! I crack myself up.


So one time he shows how he helped an archer woman. He tells her to release the bow mid-heartbeat. hahaha-what a dork!


just kidding!

Anyways, I find that what he is teaching is basicaly tai chi/push hands techniques although his version, perhaps watered-down from the the Chi-loving taoists. Although there are some very respectable points he makes, and his work is definetly worth checking out if you are serious about learning different qigong, fighting and even healing techniques. And how to put them in western-mind terms...

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