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Chapter 23 Mawangdui B version

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All chapters of the Mawangdui B Dao De Jing are divided into sentences according to the number of characters.

The number of characters structure is mirrored around the single character er2 in the middle of the chapter 23.

The character yu2 in the sixth sentence is grammatical marking the verb of the sentence as dative.

The character zhi1 at the end is grammatical changing the preceeding character shi1 into a verb.


6: xi1 yan2 zi4 ran2 piao1 feng1

3: bu4 dong1 zhao1

5: zhou4 yu3 bu4 zhong1 ri4

2: shu2 wei2

5: ci3 tian1 di4 er2 fu2

5: neng2 jiu3 you3 xiong1 yu2

5: ren2 hu1 gu4 cong2 shi4

1: er2

5: dao4 zhe3 tong2 yu2 dao4

5: de2 zhe3 tong2 yu2 de2

5: shi1 zhe3 tong2 yu2 shi1

2: tong2 yu2

5: de2 zhe3 dao4 yi4 de2

3: zhi1 tong2 yu2

6: shi1 zhe3 dao4 yi4 shi1 zhi1


please speak self like the cyclone wind

not the winter morning

suddenly rain doesn't finish the sun

which one is acting?

in this case heaven and earth and then nothing

was an elder brother existing long time ago?

was a human being ! because since matter

and then

Dao that which is similar to Dao

De that which is similar to De

a loss that which is similar to a loss

similar to

De that which is Dao is also De

go to similar to

a loss that which is Dao is also lost

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