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Neuro Programmer 2 Tracks in WAV files

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Hi, I have read that some people say they own the program Neuro Programmer 2 and can export tracks with it. I have tried to get one but as I'm 18 years old I can't get a job to pay for one because my parents want me to continue studying and forget about this (of course I will keep studying while I try this new experience). They may think it doesn't work.

I would like to have the tracks in WAV files of Neuro Programmer 2 that are called:


10 Minute Relaxation Break [Headphone-Free]


15 Minute Deeper Relaxation Break [Headphone-Free]


Accelerated Growth / Healing (hGH Release)


Accelerated Growth / Healing (hGH Release) [Headphone-Free]


Accelerated Healing / Growth [short]


Accelerated Healing / Growth [short] [Headphone-Free]


Athletic Performance / Sports Enhancement [Headphone-Free]


It would be perfect if they were uploaded as WAV files, with 44100Hz like CD quality. Thanks in advance for your help. I would be glad if someone accepted my request and uploaded them in some site like Rapidshare or Megaupload and posted the link.

I'm looking forward to hearing the answer. :)

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