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Mawangdui B Dao De Jing chapter 17

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The Mawangdui B version of Dao De Jing is technically of poor quality and copied later than the scholarly edited A version, but I think that it might be a copy of the very first compiled Dao De Jing in 81 chapters, as we know it today? It's easy to break the lines of the Mawangdui B chapters, because the first lines contain exactly the same amount of characters as the last lines. Breaking the lines of the other Dao De Jing versions is on the contrary often a matter of personal interpretation.


Enjoy the Mawangdui B Dao De Jing chapter 17:


da4 shang4 xia4 zhi1

great superior inferior knowledge (an confucian theory)

you3 zhi1 qi2 ci4

existence go-to its next (if the theory is practized follows)

qin1 yu4 zhi1 qi2 ci4

kinrelated praise go-to its next (praise by his grandson Zizi)

wei4 zhi1 qi2 xia4 mu3

awe go-to its inferior mother (awe to the inventor Confucius)

zhi1 xin4 bu4 zu2

go-to sincerity not enough (awe to a person is not admissible)

an1 you3 bu4 xin4 you2

thereupon exists not sincere planning (thereupon wrong policy)

he1 qi2 gui4 yan2 ye3

HO-HO its noble statesment (pause) (the confucian slogan is:)

cheng2 gong1 sui4

finishing achievement satisfied

shi4 er2 bai3 xing4

serving also hundred surnames

wei4 wo3 zi4 ran2

stomach we ourselves yes


lienshan :D

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