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Heavenly Secrets

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I thought I would get a discussion going on what type of reasons might prevents one from discussing certain Taoist related topics in cultvation.

1) I know some masters I found talk in a way that you do not grasp what they are saying until your mind is in the right place. For instance if you are attached to desires and emotions this can colorize the way you preceive what the master said. Which can save a student from having information they are not ready for.

2) What about information in dreams. Dreams can have information that can enlighten one to the Tao and from what sources do they come?

3) Are there thing that cannot ever become know or is it just the timing?

4) How about appreciating a rare gift. I will give an example of what I am trying to say. Now when I was in high school I had to work to buy myself a car my dad and mom never paided for it. I also had to wait an extra year with my dad learning to drive he wanted to take me out in all conditions before I drove. I took very good care of my car. Now the opposite I had some friends that were given there cars with out any work needed. They did not worry if something happend to the car because dad or mom took care of it. They became attached to there parent like using a crutch for a leg that is not even broken. I even remeber one friend playing chicken with another friend flipping his car and losing some finger in the process.

5) Is a master not telling something to keep in balance with the universe a infinate place of mystery or to keep a high standard for his student?

6) Do some master claim heavenly secrets but have none?

7) Is it because anything existing even words must die? yang flows to yin?

8) Is it because karma comes from the mouth? but though the bad moments of trial and error we learn the way?

9) Is it because there is too much or too little to say?


What are your thoughts?

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