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The Way of Agitation and Propaganda

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The mohists used 5 pairs of 2 paroles for agitation and propaganda:


"Elevating the Worthy" and "Conforming Upward"

"Thrift in Utilization" and "Thrift in Funerals"

"Rejecting Music" and "Rejecting Fate"

"Respecting Heaven" and "Serving Ghosts".

"Inclusive Care" and "Rejecting Aggression"


The way to spread the 10 paroles was formulated in the mohist Book 49 'Questions of Lu':


If the state is in disorder, then expound "elevating the worthy" and "conforming upward".

If the state is poor, then expound "thrift in utilization" and "thrift in funerals".

If the state overindulges in musical entertainment, then expound "rejecting music" and "rejecting fate".

If the state is dissolute and indecorous, expound "respecting Heaven" and "serving ghosts".

If the state is devoted to aggression and intimidation, then expound "inclusive care" and "rejecting aggression".


The Guodian Laozi A and C are examples of similar daoist agitation and propaganda methods.

The A version begins with a chapter (19) including 3 anti-mohist paroles to be used in states with strong mohist influence.

The C version + Tai Yi Sheng Shui begins with a chapter (18/19) including 3 anti-confucian paroles to be used in states with strong confucian influence.

Both versions share a common chapter (64b) that is wellsuited for agitation and propaganda in general.



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