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Finally Got A Copy of Nine Nights With The Taoist Master!

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I *finally* got a copy of 'Nine Nights With The Taoist Master Deluxe Study Edition'.


I got it as a Christmas gift from my beloved wife.


I'll will let you guys know how it goes with the read, I really liked the Introduction, so I'm hoping the rest of the book will be as good.


If you'd like me to, I'll give you reader's updates, or at the very least, a reader's review, when I'm finished.


I've wanted this book for months and months, and I finally got it! Yea. :D


I'm a happy camper now for sure. Life is good, it's pretty simple to make me happy.


Being Loved, a really good translation of the DDJ/TTC, and I got to play with my step son's girlfriends dogs.


I love animals very much! :) Wet noses, warm hearts.


I hope that those of you who observe Christmas, had a great one!


Peaceful Blessings & Goodnight, gossamer/ Albion

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