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Personal Poetry, Humbly Offered

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How curious a man,

Who runs before he can walk,

Who walks before he can stand,

Who stands before he can sit,

Who sits before he can lie still.

Even a child in his mother's womb lies still.

How far must a man run to remember all he has forgotten?


How curious a man,

Who sings before he can speak,

Who speaks before he can cry.

Who cries before he is quiescent.

Even a child in his mother's womb is quiescent.

How long must a man sing to remember all he has forgotten?


How curious a man,

Who knows far less of love than he knows of quietude and stillness.

Even a child at his mother's breast loves her as his body,

Quiet and still, feeling her heart beat together with his.

Can a man reject another and love even himself?

How deeply must a man love to remember all he has forgotten?

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A Druid's Prayer


Lord Cernun'nos, known to us as Hu Godarn, and thy consort, the Lady Beltaine, Guardians of Nature and Keepers of the Underworld: we pray together this prayer that in thy blessed union we will be accepted into your Underworld as you have always accepted the guardians of nature. If we sin, witting or unwitting, against any man, faerie, spirit, or god, we beseech thee: accept this sin as our offering to the glory of your union. Let us lie down to rest with fear in our hearts that you may take us in our sleep, and let us rise each morning with gratitude that you have given us another day to guide others to your Underworld. Lord and Lady, we beseech thee: rouse all the spirits of Tir na-Nog from their slumber that they might show us, in their gentle ways, the many paths to your Underworld.


Lord Gran'nos, Ruler of Healing Springs, we beseech thee: let our every movement in the World be a prayer unto thee, that we may heal the World, which cries out to us in our sleep.


Lord Virotutis, Lord of the Sun, in thy benevolent aspect, we beseech thee: cut through the clouds of egotism, injustice, and cruelty, and fill us slowly and steadily with power, as thou empowerest all earthly creatures, without discrimination.


Lord Manan'nan mac Lir, Lord of the Ocean, if any creature--human, faerie, or spirit--cry out to us for help, let us not withhold it. For if we are drained, O Lord Manan'nan, we need think only of thee, feel the rain on our skin, and be filled again with thy power.


Lord Cissonius, Guardian of Trade, let all our dealings be fair and just, be they with gods, humans, faeries, or spirits, and let you, O Lord, have half the glory for this blessed harmony.


Afreda, faerie of wisdom and counsellor to the elves, we beg you for counsel in this age of confusion. In our dreams show us all our fears that we may understand the difference between a bogey and real danger, and thereby let us continue doing the work of the gods whose names we have invoked. Let us have faith in the power of these gods, and let us have faith most of all in ourselves. If we recognize a Doubting Thomas, O blessed Afreda, let us turn to Him a blind eye. But we beseech you, Afreda: ignore Him not. Visit him in your secret ways and fill him with faith. Guide us together, Afreda, with peace, joy, and love in our service to these gods whose names we have invoked.


This prayer we offer with humble and contrite heart, offerings which no god can reject. Amen.

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