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I find myself wondering why it's ALWAYS the people who SAY that they "follow" a certain 'God', that are always so mean.


He said NOT to judge, but what's ALWAYS the first thing that they do?


One guess...........or two?


I find myself thinking that it's easier to live without such a personal kind of 'Transcendent Being', and it's a real pisser to deal with those who SAY that they are "followers" of said Transcendent Being.


I try hard to not judge others, but only because I don't want them judging ME.


It seems like anyone who claims to be "a follower" has got some pretty hard point to make, and usually someone gets hurt, before the point is made.


It's so much easier to understand Dao, then it is anything else.


Dao seems to have no particular point to make, and it's not wanting to hurt anyone.


It stands out of The Way when we are stupid, and seems to bow down, to let us learn.


Dao does not justify itself, or tell me that I'm doomed, if I don't believe in it.


It in fact, seems to understand happiness, and just Being, as perhaps the most important things.


Dao seems to know if we're having a bad day, and in subtle and unseen ways, Dao moves us to a better place.


Dao doesn't beat us with a book, or a set of rules, it just lifts us, to a more refined place.


People who love rules and domineering ways, aren't drawn to Dao, nor it to them, it seems.


When the day is long with hurt and minutes seem hours, Dao just waits till I pay attention, to soothe me, once again.


I wonder how to share my little universe with those who seem intent on my unhappiness, and once again, I realize that I DON'T HAVE TO.


Give them a brush and a can of paint, and put them in a corner.


As long as you leave me alone, I believe that we can get along.


I wish you no ill, nor hurt to your person, even if that's how you work.


You say that your God justifies all that you do.


Oh yeah?


I've heard THAT ONE before.


I think that I'll believe in Dao anyway, it doesn't NEED my belief, nor does it threaten me if I choose NOT to believe in it.


It was there before all the gods, even YOURS, imagine that?


There's a place that you missed in the corner.

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