Does Anyone Know 'Tranquility' From The 'SIU Tao' Forum?

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I was wondering if any of you know 'Tranquility' from the 'Siu Tao Forum', from Indonesia?


He's an American, from Florida:


Here's his list profile: About tranquility



Tao Chia


Lake Worth FLA.


Owner of Savage Arts Pier


Here's a lovely quote from him:


"The ONLY true master is the Tao, its lessons are spoke of silently and its gestures are stillness. Only in emptiness may one find oneness with the Tao. These are basic ideas all of which Lao Tzu believed as is written in the Tao Te Ching. Now how can a practitioner of Tao Chiao find the first Sages words to be untrue? Your gestures are hostility and ridicule, your lessons are loud as thunder, in what way are you a sage, an example of the Tao in action...or in inaction? You question peoples validity to be on this site. By what right? Only the Tao can make such judgments as it does in time. Your words are like the dust and the Tao will always settle dust. I mean no disrespect to you and if my words offend you I humbly apologize, but I am compelled to challenge your position as your position seems to be one of disarray. He who is one with the Tao is the calm before the storm and the calm in its midst. Again I mean no insult. Peace."


A philosophical Daoist, after my own heart!


I was just wondering if he's also on this list too, perhaps?




Peace, gossamer

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