The underestimations and the overestimations of the full lotus

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May i coin up something, here?


Some ideas (but by no means complete) about the full lotus 'stance' (more accurately: seating) (way of seating one's body)


An overestimation would be that it's all about the stance, that the most emphasis is given on the stance itself and not how to perform it best and why and when


An underestimation would be that one can use this stance best when the legs are both strong enough to have no problem with it whatsoever and also relaxed enough (always (in every way and every day, so to say;)) that one can feel the benefit of this position and not at all its potential pain. This would include the full relaxation of the parts that are below the navel (strength centers) and also the alinment and fortification of the physical spine and its 'inhabitants' (c.q. organs and glands and whatnot) and the 'way of the energy' (and also the so named (but quite literal and quite real, if you see what i'm saying) ports and collection/accumulation/distribution centers of finer matter (a.k.a. energy centers) (because these centers are actually 3-fold in my opinion .... hence it is wise to cultivate, but also wise (and nice) to use them when they matter.


My 2 other things than money on the matter. (something that expresses better in value than anything like a sort of money probably can ;)


Please feel free to contribute as well. (but you don't have to if you don't want to ;)




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