What is your illusion of choice?

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Illusion according to Merriam-Webster:

Action of mocking....misconception..mistaken idea....misappropriation....fancy...misleading visual image...hallucenation (my interpretation :misleading mental imagining created by relegions, governments , perceptions of someone elses philosophical conceptions)

So is it daoism , christianity , buddhism , democracy , socialism ,communism or some of the other countless ideas promoted to teach and tell you how to feel and think? As you twist your minds and bodies to someone elses song of existence. Look at yourself doing anything to avoid being yourself, thinking the genius of another will show you how to be happy and live a full filling life. Not realizing your genius is all that their is that will bring you peace and joy in this remarkable existence.

You live in denial, fear has made you run away, blaming the world and everything outside of your self, you regress into mental and emotional captivity to anything that will temporarily ease your suffering and pain.

Attempting to control and manipulate your thoughts and feelings, you are always returned to yourself, which makes you try even harder to deny your honest and true feelings. You call yourself a seeker truth(you think that sounds impressive), you cling to those who convince you with their own brilliance and you want to be like them instead of being the only you ,you can ever be.

Not realizing that you have a genius as brilliant and as illuminating as any who have ever lived.

When will you let go...When will you realize all the potential within master life is right there with in your very own being.

When will you cut the apron string and stop trying to impress one another that you've got it, and your is the best, what you have discovered and trained your self to be through disciplining your being is the only way.

It reminds me of the christians,literally thousands of denominations all thinking their way is better. All relegion in their cunning create denominations, that do nothing to unify life and bring peace.

So what is your illusion of choice, and who leads you by the nose and tells you not to feel and think for your own self.

All feeling we have is normal , not to express our true feelings, destroys all peace of mind and sets off a mechenism of escape that we have called SEEKER OF TRUTH and we are impressed with our cuning ability to escape the reality we have created , by letting someone else tell us what to do.

Spirituality, is and has always been the begining of all illusion ever since the cave people looked up in the sky when a storm hit hard and they ran away in fear, when the sun kept coming and going when the full moon popped up in the sky, scratching their heads bewildered. Then as communication became more humanisng , some came up with explanations for the happenings ,they called them god or gods, and the maddness began,

and we have not gotten past that cave person mentality, even though we appear to have evolved way beyond it , we haven't.

We know all the nicities, I am sorry thank you, yes mam ,we bow our heads to one another, thinking it looks good, and sounds good, yet it all just remains pretense. We are threatened by anyone that doesn't accept our ideas, or thoughts, and we attempt to convince them they are wrong and we are right.

Where does the madness end?

Re look at those basics that got you started because it sounded so good and felt better, look with new eyes and you will see how you sold out to anyone that made you think and feel better about yourselves and you will see the lies you have created in wanting so badly to feel good about yourself and to convince others how good you feel about what you are doing and how you are. Lies all lies to hide your true humanity behind.

You are part of a wonderful beautiful creation, and as long as you look outside yourself the threat you see creates the illusion that something is wrong with the world.

Everything is happening just as Nature guides it to respond, deny your nature you deny life itself. For we are just another part of this beautiful whole that is nature, no more signifcant then anything else, even though we think we are gods over all that is. Only Nature can direct and create and our Nature is perfect. Try to change perfection and all leads to dead ends.


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Very nice post Joe.

I read through it substituting "I" and "my" for "you"...

At the same time, I wonder why we believe that all this illusion is NOT the natural way of things, the human condition. If not, why is it there and where does it come from?

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