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I'm selling WudangQuan.Com and WudangMountain.Com

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Just as a heads up . . .


I'm going to sell WudangQuan.Com and . . .


The sites (when wdm was up) rank extremely well and pull in lots of related traffic, etc.


I want to focus on, and to be honest - have gotten severely ripped off this week (not by any of the people or schools at Wudang, mind you. Just non-payment) and as is par for the course I have no recourse in this country, and am in a sort of bad way at the moment.


Additionally - with the current pace of development and other things that are going on, I am more interested in focusing on some other aspects of training.


What I'm looking for is probably a high dollar amount to alot of people, but here's my thought process:


1. With the traffic that I get, I could convert it into sales of other peoples products pretty easily and make some decent money. I don't want to be involved in doing that, personally though.

2. The various schools around the mountain generally charge at least $500 a month for private students. If I were trying to attract students for a school there, and gained one per month, x12 months that's not an insignificant amount of money.


Anyway - at the moment (unless something crazy happens or Santa Clause sends me a nice pre-paid visa/mastercard) I can't afford to maintain the site and


I'm also going back to Yunnan at the earliest possible opportunity (sooner rather than later if I can get some scratch together).


So . . . My asking price is in the $ X,000 range.


If someone is interested drop me a line at [email protected] and if someone is interested in doing the leg work to find a buyer, I'll give a 15% share of sale so I don't have to do it.


Payment would probably be done by escrow, and for the right buyer I can transfer the domains ( and up front in good faith.


Crazy amounts of backlinks, high existing traffic, dictionary term domain names, etc. Because of my current necessity (basically to buy my way out of a really bad situation) the right person will get this for a very good price.


I can also back up the entire site and restore it to a database after transfer, but I am not wiling to sell off the users. I'll just delete all of those because I think it would not be a cool thing to do.


These could be sold off elsewhere, and because of my situation may have to be, but I would prefer to give them to somebody who would do something cool.


. . . . And send me some good vibes to hold my temper long enough to get back to Yunnan, treat loss as gain, be tolerant, and not crack any high placed noggins . . .

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