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The word Tao

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Definitely. On the other hand it's instructive to look at the name that was chosen. I think it was chosen with great care. The top portion is the radical for head and the bottom is a pictograph of a foot or footstep and it implies stopping at a crossroads. The name means "the way" or "the path" or "to walk a path" and so forth. But the selection of radicals implies having or making a choice about which direction to take. It can be interpreted in many ways, one being as our choice regarding our way in our world - our life - our existence. That is experiential and is not a straw dog. The word is never the thing. It is simply a verbal and conceptual (and in Chinese, a pictorial) convenience to facilitate communication.


You can look at it like the symbol that was used by the artist formerly known as Prince - he tried to drop the name as well.



Or we could drop it and just refer to it as

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