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Interesting pets?

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Anybody have any interesting pets?


When I lived in Thailand I used to have a flying squirrel that was cool. I bought him at Jatujak market, where you can buy all of the endangered species your heart desires . . .


Here's an older video of my current roomate, who is quite a bit bigger now!



If you are thinking about getting one of these guys as a pet - they're awesome friends and roomates - but if you're squeemish, better get a female!


This guy sleeps with me, can do some cool tricks like sit, stand up, turn around and jump.


Also - and almost nobody believes this until they meet him and see how super smart (and cunning) he is, but . . .


During the winter time I had a small space heater because there's no central heat in Yunnan where I was living at the time.


He loved to hang out and sleep in front of that heater, and would stay there all day, except to walk around and search for some food.


Apparently, he had been watching me operate it. Usually it was turned "on" but I would just unplug it when I wanted to turn it off, and then plug it back in when I wanted the heat.


One day I walked into the bedroom and saw him with the cord in his mouth trying to plug it in to the electrical socket. No kidding.


Of course he couldn't do it, but he understood the causality between plugging it in and getting heat!


He also knows how to open the refrigerator, is house trained, etc.

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