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prince K.

A shout-out to Li Bai

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Li Bai is one of my fav. T'ang (Tang? which transcription do you use here?) poets. He was a notorious drunkard- he was so eponymous that even until this day wine bars and drinking dens have been named after him. It is said that he died when drowning in a stream: he wanted to grasp the refelction of the moon in it and fell into the body of water.


One of my favourite poems of him is this:


Amusing Myself


Facing my wine, I did not see the dusk,

Falling blossoms have filled the folds of my clothes.

Drunk, I rise and approach the moon in the stream,

Birds are far off, people too are few.


There are very many others that are good, too but I let you find out about them yourselves. find it amazing, btw, that even in translation his wirtings are so intricate- yet in the original they must be even more beautiful cause he also heeded all those sometimes very complicated traditional verse forms!


So: kuddos to Li Taibo there!!!

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