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Premature enlightenment

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Hello everybody.


I've seem to be hurtling through the cosmos everynight that my head hits the pillow, and I spend several moments looking at my ceiling.

For 3 months I have been dreaming in technicolour detail. Every single night. In the past week, I have had several 'full on' space outs, where I seem to float out of my corwn/thrid eye chakras and dissolve into unity.

I don't even consider my practice to be that special or even consistent at this moment, but I suppose that a lot of basics from various disciplines are starting to really come together for me.


I'd really love to talk straight with other people about the amazing results that the practice can bring, and what I can do to ground this and share it forever.


I stumbled across a taobums thread last night, and followed 20 or so posts as if it were me talking to myself. A deep feeling of famililarity and excitement came over me as I realised how imminent the goal of my practice may be, and here I am.

I now know there are some powerful teachers around. There must be. If im just a punk, and can pull off the stuff that I am, theres gotta be someone who can point me further. And apart from the occasional visitation from a short+ bearded astral dude in a rice paper hat, I would really like to hook up with some invisible college or master teachers or something :D


That is all :D

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