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Inner Guide Meditation

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This book seems to be really really good. It is how to go into yourself, and find the guide that can help you and always give you the right advice. You start dealing with the energies of transformation, and all through talking to the inner guide, who you will actually be with, looking at, talking to, in a foreign place. You will deal with your reality's manifestation of negative energies, and ego. These energies too, will manifest in an embodiment. Through conversation and action with your Inner Guide and the negative entities, you will transform. This meditation only takes a few, around three, times till you will actually meet your Inner Guide. It naturally rises the Kundalini. It is a western path to turning the ego into a 100% vehicle for spiritual growth. After that, it's up to you to lift the ego. I highly suggest the book for even just the information that connects the tarot, astrology, and the transformations that take place. Also, it'd be nice to have a person in the world, who will always give you perfect advice, even if it is always an answer in the form of a question.


Another point, after you experience this, you have to decide whether it's all unconscious, or you are meeting your true Guide. He or She will have an entire past life, dressed in the clothes they claim they wore before they died.


I could take the time I'll spend on this on taiji/yiquan, but it just seems so beneficial it's hard to pass up. My internal martial arts will always be my #1 priority and favorite thing to do.


Anyway, awesome book, i'd check it out if I were you.

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