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Hi Sally: Thanks for the response. I have written a lot online about my experiences. I have a masters degree (2001) and finished it by doing intensive qigong training with as an example of nonwestern philosophy. My concept is that nonwestern harmonics -- ratios of complementary opposites -- creates a resonance of sound through the whole energy spectrum. We can listen to consciousness and when doing so we create free energy. In my masters thesis, linked at I document how Taoist principles yang and yin are the same as nonwestern harmonic ratios 2:3, the Perfect 5th music interval and 3:4, the Perfect 4th. In western math there must be symmetry with a one-to-one correspondence of number and letter as geometric distance. Since 2:3 is C to G and 3:4 is G to C, this basis for healing and paranormal energy goes against western math. All cultures use the music ratios 1-4-5 (octave, 1:2, perfect fifth, 2:3, perfect 4th, 3:4) for healing energy but in the west we've cut off the natural resonance which transduces sound into ultrasound which then ionizes the electrochemicals of the body to create electromagnetic fields and finally the light returns to consciousness, bending spacetime in the process.


So Taoism relies on a practice called the "small universe" or microcosmic orbit -- there are 12 nodes along the outside of the body which are the same as the 12 notes of the music scale -- only again since Taoism uses nonwestern harmonics the focus of the sound of the mind enables resonance through the whole energy spectrum. The full-lotus yoga position works because it's a tetrahedron made up of 4 equilateral triangles, each made up of two 2-3-4 triangles, again with 2:3 as yang and 3:4 as yin.


What happens is that blissful heat is created in the body and then strong electromagnetic fields -- this is the conversion of the serotonin from the reproductive hormones. If serotonin is ionized by the ultrasound then it can bypass the blood-brain barrier and create more melatonin and then DMT. After the electromagnetic fields build up then the pineal gland is permanently magnetized.


So I'm sitting in full-lotus right now, as I do habitually. I can feel my pineal gland. I can also "flex" my pineal gland. When I do this my vagus nerve (on the right side) pulsates and this squeezes the pineal gland causing it to shoot light out of my head. The electromagnetic energy is yang or male and so it is sucked up and attracted to the electrochemical energy which is yin or female. The light shooting out of my head is literally sucked up by females but if I sit in full-lotus the pressure on my legs also sucks up the yin electrochemical energy of the females. This creates a free energy exchange -- what I call an "O at a D" (orgasm at a distance). Since the male climax activates the stress sympathetic nervous system, it's critical that the male only use the parasympathetic nervous system, having an internal climax via the vagus nerve. After doing so many of these I see light around peoples' heads.


That's the mechanics of it -- the male can then store up the energy as electromagnetic fields and then shoot it into females. This ionizes the "lower emotions" -- the electrochemical energy of each organ - so that sadness is lung, anger is liver, fear is kidney, worry is pancreas, lust is reproductive organ. As more electromagnetic energy is shot out of the pineal gland then a vacuum is created which pulls up the electrochemical energy that is being sucked in by the full-lotus pressure -- and the free energy exchange continues in a blissful, ecstasy.


If there are no females around then the male can shoot the electromagnetic energy of the pineal gland BACK INTO his own lower body (the electrochemical energy) and thereby convert his body into electromagnetic energy and store it in his body. This is how and why I caused the quarters to stick to the side of the vending machine. I saw it happen, and I had been working by myself, and keeping to myself, for a long time - so I had built up those electromagnetic fields. I put my palms close to each other and realized there was a strong electromagnetic field pushing my palms apart and then I realized that I had magnetized the whole metal box (a thin metal box, about 3 feet wide, 2 feet high and 2 feet deep).


When I healed my mom I had been training in qigong intensively and taking the classes from qigong master Chunyi Lin. He would transmit energy into me and then I would practice the small universe while sitting in a chair, and then do half-lotus or full-lotus plus some tai-chi exercises while standing. I visited my mom once a week and at first she didn't feel much. The second time she felt more. The third time before I went I fasted for 8 days -- on ONLY HALF A GLASS OF WATER. That's called a "bigu" fast or "energy feast." Your body fills with so much electromagnetic fields that you are not hungry and so you convert to a free energy system. Your brain produces water through reverse-electrolysis -- and it pours down through the roof of the mouth -- called the "ambrosia." The top of the head gets soft, like a baby's and energy shoots out of the top of the head.


Near the end of that bigu fast (energy feast) I drove out to a "level III" weekend qigong retreat. At that retreat I saw these floating yellow orbs of light coming into the big meditation room and going up to the front towards qigong master Chunyi Lin. I didn't say anything to anyone but Qigong master Chunyi Lin stated that someone else had seen them so he explained to the retreat that dead spirits come to hear him emit chi -- a "chi-emitting lecture" -- so that they can return to the "emptiness" -- or pure consciousness -- in peace. Light is spirit whereas you can't see consciousness.


In that retreat the middle of my brain was burning up -- this was qigong master Chunyi Lin working to open my pineal gland -- and doing so with HIS pineal gland -- at a distance. He also touches your forehead and shoots energy into the pineal gland. After he did this I stopped meditating for a couple months -- just to see if the magnetic bliss of my pineal gland would go away. It did not. The magnetic bliss gets stronger when the sun is both highest and lowest in the sky (11 to 1 at noon and midnight). Also 3 days before and after the full moon the pineal gland magnetic bliss gets very strong.


So my mom was very very angry when she found out I hadn't any food for 8 days. She thought I was hallucinating. I ate a bunch of food since she was yelling at me and I was in a very sensitive state. Then I healed her and these strong electromagnetic fields both pulled out her energy blockages (felt as heaviness) and then filled in the empty energy with harmonized electromagnetic fields.


Since she was angry at me and had yelled so badly (the worst ever) I left soon after that and was a bit upset that I had worked so hard only to be yelled at. I stopped practicing and then my mom called me two weeks later asking for another treatment. I asked how the last one went and she said "the difference was like night and day." She no longer needed to wear surgical stockings for her smoker's legs and she no longer has to keep her legs elevated on a foot rest and she can stand as long as she wants (before an hour was too much).


Then soon after I went to the qigong healing guild meetings and shared my experience and this old lady asked me to heal her. I accidently pulled her energy blockage out of the top of her head. Even though she could see what I was doing (there's no touching involved), as soon as I felt the heavy weight come out the top of her head, she started BAWLING. She cried so bad I didn't say anything and 15 minutes later she was still crying as someone comforted her. Qigong master Chunyi Lin had taught not to pull the energy straight out of the head but I had forgotten and didn't realize I was that powerful compared to her weakness. I guess I pulled her spirit out of her body (or her soul?). Anyway it returned I guess and she knew I had good intentions (the energy is bidirectional so you can reverse any errors with good intentions).


The more I store up my energy the more I experience telepathy, precognition, telekinesis. The more I heal others the more I heal myself since in the process of healing you take in and transform the electrochemical energy of the person being healed. It's a very blissful experience and fun as well but you also have to be careful of your diet since the vagus nerve also transduces anerobic bacteria into the head (along with the serotonin). Essentially this is a free energy practice so the diet is supposed to be very light, although food is another form of electrochemical energy.


Thanks for asking for clarification.


Take care,


drew hempel, MA

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