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Seth Ananda

Dan Tien Death Star!

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Seriously Folks,

How much should I charge, Is one Million enough?

As the Dan Tien Death Star is the Only true and real Dan Tien technology How much is it worth?

All other cultivators and practices are a joke!

Seriously, CAN YOU BLOW PLANETS UP? I don't think so. I Can. Only me.

If you feel the dreadful inadequacy of not having this one true power, dont worry, Ill allow a select few to pay me, (a small amount really for what you get) for these pricless secrets.

Never Again will you have to worry that your not practicing the Real Stuff because you'll be one of the few who actually Knows the Real Stuff! Thats a priceless feeling in and of it self.

So Come On Guys and Gals, Who's In?

Message me and we can set up the transaction.


Sat Chit Anand!


Any one who doesn't like this post is merely suffering from little Dan Tien Syndrome.

Stay tuned for my Dan tien Death Star Level 2! Ultimate Chick Magnet Dan Tien Death Star Dynamite!


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When I first heard about your Dan Tien Death Star secrets I thought to myself, wow self, this really seems too good to be true. But after trying out your secret techniques all I can really say is WOW, this Dan Tien Death Star stuff is for real.

Before Dan Tien Death Star came into my life I was weak, forgetful, and had poor vision.

Now I can crush plastic bottles with my bare hands, remember up to four things at one time, and shoot laser beams out of my eyes. NO KIDDING.

I know it's hard to believe, but seriously, if he charges more than you think you can afford, doesn't it have to be good??? You shouldn't even question the cost, just pay and learn this stuff, don't question the master.



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