Is Acceptance Transformation?

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Hi All. :)


It's said that tao is the natural way, and that we have to go with the flow, not fight, but accept things as they are. Suffice it to say acceptance is the way of transformation, is that right? Is this the general principle of tao?


I also read one of the lectures given by Osho :D and he said the exact same thing, that as long as we resist something, it persists. Fighting is the way of yoga, whereas 'no fight' is the way of tao. The moment we accept ourselves as we are with no effort, we're transformed. This is what he said, more or less.


Does this sum up the teachings of tao? If so, do we just give up all effort and go with the flow, express rather than suppress? Allow all kinds of thoughts and feelings to blossom, to allow everything to happen exerting no control whatsoever?


Will all that lead to transformation, then? B)

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Hi alfa,

Nice post!

I think this is an excellent area of inquiry!

I agree fully with the doctrine of acceptance.

And yet, one still has the opportunity to make choices.


In my view, acceptance means to open oneself to experience - visual, auditory, tactile, thought, emotional, and so forth. Not to fight or resist or hide or suppress frightening, embarassing, or painful thoughts and emotions, but to be with them fully without fighting. Not to struggle and fret over bad things that happen but to experience them, accept them, and live fully.


Nevertheless, this is not equivalent to being completely passive and doing nothing. It means more to fully understand through opening and then choosing wisely based on personal values.

For example, I would not allow a child to drown in a pool because nature put her there. Nature put me there as well, so I will choose to help.


I believe that the realization of the futility of struggle and the mindfullness required of meaningful and ongoing acceptance is a transformation by itself for most of us. Action based on values rather than conditioned patterns is further transformation. True and profound acceptance is the ultimate transformation and is essentially immortality.

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