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Opening to the whole experience

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Hi everyone.

I've been giving kunlun a shot for a couple weeks now, and it has been really interesting, more so than other things I have practiced. Most of what I have been learning from it has been coming to me while I sleep, much more so that during the actual practice. I do get the leg shaking, everything else stays pretty smooth, but enjoyable.

The first week I would get a really strong sexual energy developing during my sleeping hours. Nothing too intense, just something I notice at different times when I would wake for a moment here or there.

Last night I kept getting this thing about opening up the the whole experience of everything going on. I always saw myself as being very open and understanding, always trying to see where someone is coming from. But now I feel like I'm realizing it's so easy to use my lives experiences and lessons to come to my conclusions about things, and also deciding what is good, what I want, or what I want to see, that it really shuts me off to being more open to everything. What's difficult is learning to embrace it all, being able to let the rest in.

It's hard to put into words.

I know this is something I hear about a lot, so please forgive me if I am not saying anything new here, but it's actually meaning something to me now and I would like to try to put it into practice. I feel welcome here, also somewhat meek seeing where some people are at here. But I still wanted to share. :)


Also, dreams and ideas so easily fade as day to day life creeps in. I wanted to help solidify.

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