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hey im tony


i became a taoist when i was 15 im 18 now

i practiced glen morris's hoshin tao chi kung and mantak chias microcosmic orbit for a while

i also have experience in some other stuff like tachyon and kundalini reiki,


now i practice kunlun bliss. im 4 months into the level 1 practice.

i haven't attended a seminar but i attune myself to the energy using the technique i learned from reiki

(just pray to your higher self to attune you to the energy it usually lasts about 30 min. its not as strong as an attunement from a master but you can do it up to 2-3 times a day and it gets stronger. you can do it with any energy)

i started practicing aikido recently

im also trying to learn Japanese (completely irrelevant to taoism)

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